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  1. Yeah! Keep 'em old Famitsues coming! =)
  2. I've been looking for sometime for 16-bit sales charts before 1994. They don't have to include sales numbers (believe me they won't) but there's got to have been a gaming magazine that had monthly sales charts from the NPD during the 16-bit era... GamePro had Blockbuster rental charts, EGM had Babbages only charts, and NP combined their own three charts (see above) into one [and didn't include Sega obviously]. Any others...?
  3. LOVE THIS! Ya know before 1992 when the NES TOP30 was the only chart, NP included SALES NUMBERS under their 'Dealers' Picks' chart! When the numbers are added together they always equal about 35000 but if you can guesstimate the total sales for the month you can use just a simple formula and come up with fairly accurate sales numbers for the NES!! I made a bunch of charts using this method... It's so cool to see monthly sales charts from that era; like we do today from the NPD: Check out the top 30 from October 1989: for GAF NP raw x25.3 Proj LTD [b]Oct-1989[/b] from NP issue JAN/FEB 90 1 NES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultra 6,622 251,000 700,000 2 NES Excitebike Nintendo 638 49,000 857,000 3 NES Marble Madness Rare 1,922 49,000 97,000 4 NES Super Mario Bros. 2 Nintendo 1,734 44,000 3,599,000 5 NES Double Dragon Tradewest 1,458 37,000 449,000 6 NES Zelda II- Adventure of Link Nintendo 1,407 36,000 1,087,000 7 NES Ninja Gaiden Tecmo 1,333 34,000 376,000 8 NES NFL Football LJN 1,254 32,000 46,000 9 NES Tecmo Bowl Tecmo 1,254 32,000 270,000 10 NES Dragon Warrior Nintendo 1,254 32,000 83,000 11 NES Tetris Nintendo 1,192 31,000 New 12 NES Who Framed Roger Rabbit LJN 1,174 30,000 39,000 13 NES Paperboy Mindscape 1,087 28,000 113,000 14 NES Faxanadu Nintendo 958 25,000 93,000 15 NES Jordan vs. Bird: one-on-one Milton Bradley 957 25,000 35,000 16 NES Blades of Steel Konami 944 24,000 293,000 17 NES Wheel of Fortune GameTek 867 22,000 134,000 18 NES John Elway's Quarterback Tradewest 845 22,000 ?? 19 NES Adventures of Bayou Billy Konami 817 21,000 58,000 20 NES WrestleMania Acclaim 737 19,000 116,000 21 NES Rampage Data East 715 19,000 212,000 22 NES Bad Dudes Data East 707 18,000 New** 23 NES R.C. Pro-Am Racing Nintendo 694 18,000 510,000 24 NES Pinball Nintendo 693 18,000 383,000 25 NES Contra Konami 673 18,000 466,000 26 NES Major League Baseball LJN 657 17,000 ?? 27 NES Donkey Kong Classics Nintendo 647 17,000 184,000 28 NES Jeopardy! GameTek 612 16,000 123,000 29 NES Tecmo Baseball Tecmo 598 16,000 ?? 30 NES Ghostbusters Activision 550 14,000 ?? What sucks is in 1992 NP combined the 'Dealers charts', 'Players charts', and 'Pros charts' into one so we no longer get the sales breakdown. Imagine if we had Super NES monthly sales charts!! NP must still have this data...I actually requested those Dealers charts from 1992-1994 via an email but never got a response... :(
  4. Hey thanks. I got it working by just downloaded the whole thing together and using ComicRack. Everything's working fine so far, thanks for the help.
  5. I just downloaded an EGM (10/93) issue part2 (part1 froze while downloading) so how do I view it...? I looked at the FAQ and didn't see any mention of how to view it after downloading. So I downloaded the file and it said something about needing an NFO viewer so I downloaded DAMN NFO to view it but it seems to be just an ASCII viewer and that's all it displays is the table of contents in ASCII format. I must be missing something obvious. How do I view the magazine? I guess I'm a newbie at this...
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