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  1. whats everones favorite game? or most played? my favorite game has to be right now.. GTA4 most played woul dbe rs though
  2. Ive been going around to Vbul sites and seeing what there main page looks like. so far only a few were fit to my standards. this main page is to cimpact, the text is overwelmingly intersected with the outline. i would make the format\font bigger on this site.
  3. google search it. i bet there is one, also you can look at youtube for visual representation.
  4. Jesus, it was $3.83 at the cheapest spot in town!!! the highest i saw driving along the freeway was $4.37 i was like wow. go 2 minutes south of that and get it for 3.83... hmm
  5. well... people love mags. and if its a "retro" makes it all the more better. as does vbul.
  6. what hepls is to hold the windows page while opening >windowm3 in your run screen, go to host, and make sure all /0 are deleted.
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