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  1. No, I never really do clean it.
  2. The theme for Donkey Kong Country Open Your Heart(Sonic Adventure) Live and Learn(SA2) Dire, Dire Docks(Super Mario 64) Tekken 2 Theme These are the top songs that I have fond memories of.
  3. Do you mean, like 10 and under or 18 and under or what? I didn't start subscribing to a magazine until Lego Magazine. The next other subscription was probably Game Informer(it was that deal at EB).
  4. I will probably never get Wii Fit. I will get a Wii Board for other games if it ever comes out seperately.
  5. Eh, I could give up either. Chocolate is actually good tasting, so I would give up Coffee
  6. This is a cool place! I've heard of it before a while back. I hope to scan some stuff if I can. I have an old Game Informer from 2000, if that's considered old. I just have to set up the printer we got from my teacher. See ya!
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