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  1. Hello you Retromags guys: English is not my mother tongue, so I will try to explain(write) myself as clearly as I can. In other words…. Sorry for my English! Firts of all, i want to thank you for starting this project. I really know how hard and consumming time this task is, so thanks a lot. In the other hand, I got almost every issue complete and in mint condition of a magazine called “Club Nintendo” that was developed and published here in México circa 1991 to the present, it was the Official Nintendo Latin-American counterpart (and little sister) of Nintendo Power. Here is more info: I’m willing to scan every issue I have and contribute them to retromags if you are interest in hosting them. I got two questing as well before starting: What year of publishing will be the limit for the magazines? 2000? What image format do you think is the best to work with, png or tif? I’ll wait for you response and thaks in advance. Roy D. Acapulco, Gro. Mexico