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  1. I agree their reviews are horrible and biased who are they to do stuff like that.
  2. That's just sad and pathetic what a shame what a shame.
  3. I loled imagine the chances of that happening and it did amazing.
  4. I saw that on tv they have some good points thanks for the link.
  5. Every once in a while yeah a lot of people I know wonder why I do though.
  6. That stinks I was wondering why I didn't get it oh well...
  7. I hate 9in game ads I hope they don't increase they just make the game less real it makes it feel more like tv.
  8. I love this game got it a few months ago I'm pretty good at it and whenever I play online it slows down a lot.
  9. Just got wiifit,okami, and some virtual console games ( Punchout,DKC, and Actraiser)
  10. Mine is the SNES i love the SNES ahhh memories it had a ton of great games.
  11. My first video game subscription was to Nintendo Power .
  12. Hey I'm new here and I'm band with introductions so I won't continue
  13. I think so it's pretty cool and it's fun too I think it's worth the price.