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  1. Blackhat

    Torrent Anyone?

    That's the fairest answer imaginable. You're like an Internet Gandhi. I believe you about people running off after 100%. Pity about that. You could run it on a private tracker with torrents having IDs which would force pople to maintain a 1:1 ratio. Some other sites do that quite successfully. In fact, I have found one yesterday with some mags releases. Don't know if I'm alowed to link so I won't.
  2. Blackhat

    Torrent Anyone?

    Hi, sorry if I'm out of line but if you want to share the mags than surely p2p is the obvious solution. You don't have to pay for the bandwidth because people are downloading from each other instead of from you. You only have to seed it once. It would take the load of your server and make downloads faster. Am I missing something? The one file I was able to download turned out to be damaged (GameProMarch1992SWATGuide.zip). I'm using the newest WinRAR if you're wondering.
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