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  1. They put to much attention on graphics and way to less on fun gameplay; But I am biased because I am a Saints Row fan and totally believe SR2 will be more fun than GTAIV.
  2. No scanner and only Dutch magazines I have some in English but they are less than 2 year old.
  3. Entourage!!! Oh man I love that show <3. You should check it .
  4. For me it was Assasin's Creed. All the reviewers like OMG get it!! GOTY!! Until I played it for a few hours;..Wargh..
  5. Sales dropped but that is always around this period of this year. Next month will be interesting for the X360 numbers and then will the holiday start with a lot of titles can't wait <3.
  6. QFT. Would be better. I am waiting for a certain site unbans me so I can make also a thread about this site maybe I can attract some of the big posters =p.
  7. I bought a second one last week cause my old one was almost dead..and two extra controllers to play with my friends.
  8. Well I blog sometimes but this community is still way to small to do it.
  9. And I still want more RPG's :(. It sucks that Tales V will not be released in Europe in 2008...Aargh.
  10. It looks very promising can't wait to get my hands on that one.
  11. I downloaded it, then I tried to install it....And then it just didn't work..
  12. Well their are african people in Sweden/Norway/Finland and even in Russia....Can't really say that those are warm countries. I think Alaska is not that attractive for foreign people. How many people live their? Less than a million?
  13. Offiicial Playstation Magazine (Benelux). The first number I got was the one with Crash Bandicoot 3 on...I think number 17.
  14. The first five minutes of the game I really could not believe what I saw/hear then...Great times.
  15. Playstation 2! Or is that not retro enough?
  16. =p I can't wait for the new levels that will launch on Xbox live I just hope you don't need The orange box for that .
  17. @prez: I can find it in a lot of stores for a cheap price I am sure you will aswell. By the way isn't Gears of war a classic yet? When I was young me too but that was because of my parents they gave me a megadrive when Tekken 3 launched....To give you a idea =p; On topic: I am not really a huge fan of the first one. It was good but somehow I had to force myself to play through it and it didn't help that the game was quite short. The sequel looks very promising can't wait for a demo .
  18. Virtual boy no doubt about that the only thing it did was giving me a headache and a empty wallet.
  19. Thanks retromags, I made a blog about this site on a other site I hope it will attract some new users.
  20. Chocolate, I love Coffee so much that I can't miss it..Especially when I go for work;;..I need it.
  21. I got that message aswell :s.
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