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  1. Did you notice I said I'm willing to take offers ? I'm saving up for a new Doghouse System.
  2. This massive collection of Electronic Gaming Monthlys has almost every single issue published. It even includes a mag that is by the same people that was published before EGM was published. Only a few issues are sub-par shape but the majority, at least 95% of them are in mint condition. Buyer will have to pay shipping and handling costs as well as this is going to be an extremely heavy item to ship. The only issue of Electronic Gaming Monthlys that you'd be missing if you purchase this collection are issues number 5, 27 through 31. That's it. Includes issues 1 through 4 in MINT condition. Willing to take offers. I may put these up on ebay for 2,500$.
  3. Welp.. the collection is almost complete. For those who aren't following what I'm collecting, I'm collecting EGMs. As of this post, I only need #s 5, and 27 through 31, and I'll have every issue ever published.
  4. All that I have left to obtain is issues #s 5, 7, 27-31 and I'll have every single issue of EGM published..
  5. As posted in my first thread, I'm in dire need to complete a 100% collection, EGM issue numbers 5, 7, 27-31, and 97. They've never, ever appeared on EBay, as I check every Wednesday. Unfortunately for me, that's what brings me here. I'm hoping at least one member here can help me with my tireless search.
  6. Greetings everyone! I'm new around these parts. I'm an EGM Collector. I've been actively collecting them since last quarter 1989, and have almost every single issue. I'm only missing issues #5, 7, 27-31, and 97. If you care to see my near mint copy of #1, I'll post it up in a future reply. :] What brings me here is seeing people with a love of retro mags, and hopefully being able to locate the issues of EGM I'm missing.. so if any of you've got the issues I'm actively looking for, please, feel free to contact me and we can work out a payment deal if they're in good shape. After I get them all collected, I plan to make a digital backup, if I can find a good scanner for cheap. Anyway, it's a pleasure to meet everyone. Edit: Sorry. I was so happy to find this place and introduce myself, I didn't see the new people thread. :(
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