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  1. Best 2d Mario Platformer?

    big fan of the there was for me, it set the precedent for the others
  2. Best looking E3 game video. And its not on PS3

    looked kinda crappy to me...guess i'm stuck in the old games world
  3. Nintendo's 'Animal Crossing' to Hit the Big Screen

    is vhs around any more? love to see a metroid movie but something tells me it would be akin to the mario bros movie...:(
  4. Super Mario Galaxy (HUGE) Boss Battle Video

    wow...that was so great
  5. Invasion Of Nintendo Video

    tyvm 4 this...takes me back
  6. 90's Fanzines

    i would be very interested in that
  7. tyvm 4 this...i tend to gravitate toward these kind of things
  8. Forum Rules!

    tyvm 4 this info...good to know the basics
  9. Found Several Really Awesome Guides...

    tyvm 4 the find...i usually check mini averyday have seemed to missed those