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  1. went and set mine up on my PS3, its running right now
  2. yea who knew that a SNES game could be that scary!! its easily the best one in the Clock Tower series.
  3. Sid Miers Civ Revolution for the PS3, wasnt as great as i thought.
  4. the 3DO had a ton of promises and great games, Street Fighter II Turbo, NFS, Total Eclipse, and others. it's just that the system price was too expensive and by the time it went down (the price) the system was already failling in the market. i dont think the Saturn is that disappointing as it could do something the PSX could never do. make great 2d fighting games and play them arcade perfect. it could actually beat the PSX in terms of 3d but the system was so hard to make games for that developers still didnt get to the full poltental. look at the specs between the Saturn and the PSX and you will see. PSX only won cause it was easy to develop for.
  5. its a good game but the spent most of the time on the space age. unfortuantly they didnt do too good of a job on it (too many pirate attacks eco systems in danger). the best part of the game is the creature creator but that it. you will prolly get tired of it after a week or two.
  6. lets try to keep this flame free and only do systems up to the Dreamcast years, so no PS2, Xbox, PS3, Gamecube, Wii, or Xbox 360 and the up to Gameboy Advance for the lates portable systems. for me it would have to be the 32x, so much promise and it didnt live up to it.
  7. Soul Calibur Skies of Arcadia Powerstone 2 Resident Evil Code Veronica Tokyo Extreme Highway 2 i still play alot of games for the dreamcast, but those are the top five i still play alot.
  8. i dont remember Resident Evil 2 being on the SNES Clock Tower 0, i finally played it a couple of years ago and my god it is scary. i couldnt imagine playing it when it first came out.
  9. for me it would have to be the SNES and the Dreamcast. Dreamcast was such an underrated system that is still producing games to this day
  10. for me: Sonic the Hedgehog (genesis) Rock 'n Roll Racing (SNES) Luna:Silver Story (Sega CD) Valkryie Profile 1 (PSX) Road Avenger (Sega CD mainly the ending song in the japanese version)
  11. really?? i have the sega sports one and it doesnt play back up cd's, i need to use the gameshark cd to "trick" the dreamcast
  12. i would say the Phillips CD-i it was expensive when it came out and only had one really good game ie. Burn-Cycle atlest the others had alot of good games (Sega CD had the Lunar series) altho the Jaguar and the Virtual Boy are a close 2nd
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