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  1. Hey guys, I've come back after a rather long hiatus from RetroMags, but I'd just like to ask if there were any magazines that needed editing. I've done editing for Philly before, but I see the way things used to be done have changed. I assume I have to ask here to see if anyone has any magazines that need editing. Not scanning, but merely editing the already scanned files.
  2. Sweet, cool! But have lots of real cake Philly!
  3. Happy Birthday Philly! Damn the cake!!!!! Does that mean that since I am an editor I am a premium member, or can I still try and purchase one?
  5. Actually you can subscribe from anywhere in the world. http://www.imaginesubs.co.uk/ and click on the Retro Gamer cover. Then a subscription form will pop up. From there you can subscribe from anywhere in the world for a 13 issue subsciption. Mind you though. It will run you 70 pounds, which equals to: $138.373 USD or $146.400 AUD so yeah... but at least you can subscribe from anywhere in the world.
  6. Yeah, I'm not saying that I'm going to get a game just for the boxart, but they put so much more effort into their packaging and I would keep them so safe. Anyway, I want to take a look and actually get a SNES again cause mine got destroyed. I'm looking around on eBay right now. EDIT: I got my new Import 128 MB Mem Card for the Gamecube (should this go in Current Gen--I put it here since Gamecube is not curernt gen anymore) but it does fit in the Wii. Here are some pics. NOTE: I did not take these pictures, these pictures are from another site: It's kind of a tight fit to get into the Gamecube/Wii (I use my Wii) but I guess if you just leave it in there theres no need for taking it out all the time. It cost me $5.00 including shipping $5.00 (AUD) so $10 althogether. Adrian.
  7. Awesome, I converted how much it cost you in Euros to how many Australian Dollars and US Dollars for you folks out there in the states: AUD $384.997 USD $368.856 but yeah, wow! I don't have the money to spend for all those games but look at those titles. I love seeing the retro boxes and how they were packaged. For some reason that fascinates me so much.
  8. Very true, while I have a 21GB limit, I get speed capped when I go over it. This month, for example I havge gone over and had to buy a top-up to keep my internet at a speed that won't pull my hairs out. $30 AUD for just 5GB more. I can't imaging even downloading a game more than 5 GB. Even on my DSL2++ speed, it would take at least half a day. Adrian.
  9. Lol so true but my computer is so crappy it porbably wouldn't play a game from as back as 2006...yeah. It's a 2000 Optima that works great for surfing and stuff, but sucks for gaming. *Sigh*
  10. Well look at the 360 now. They will be rolling out an update which will allow users to rip the game to their hard drive and play it off the HDD as long as the DVD is still in the drive to confirm that they own the disc. I see that someone will hack the crap out of it and make it so you don't need the disc so anyone can just like rent a game and just rip it to their HDD. *sigh*
  11. So Philly you got a SMS eh? But no Alex Kidd in Miracle World!!! That was like the awesomest game that was out when I had it! Adrian.
  12. Damn, contact people over here. I'm sure people will want to get them off your hands and pay the shipping.
  13. I would definately purchasee a few, but the shipping to my house would kill.