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  1. I wish nintendo had an online store that sells other tracks like the other consoles.
  2. Aw man, I bought it a while back when it was much more expensive. I could of had gas money.
  3. I wish they removed Falco and Wolf because they seem like clone characters.
  4. It sort of looks like a Lego game. There was a racing game with legos on the N64 that did this kind of car making.
  5. I pray for another fan with platformers. I'm tired of the guy in a power suit fighting aliens story.
  6. What's worst than a bad video game with a good celebrity endorsing it? A bad game with a celebrity no one's ever heard of endorsing it. Check out Johnny Moseley: Mad Trix... http://youtube.com/watch?v=U1QNUpGjP7g&feature=related This is made by 3DO who used to have a horrible console with FMVs
  7. Um, wasn't the accuracy of the wii-mote what they promised when it was 1st released?
  8. Oh god, I rented that game once. I could never get past the water. I want my 5 dollars back, I could get a gallon of gas for that price.
  9. Look at the Nintendo 64, the games cost 70 dollars because there was so much technology needed for all the chips in the cart.
  10. I like to see Nintendo make this type of game for the game boy or Ds.
  11. Anything that is a music game like Parappa the Rapper and Space Channel 5.
  12. Wow. That gives me so many bragging rights if I were to get one of those.
  13. Get CD-I, It has some of the best game known to man. Check out Body Slam...
  14. I hate how all the games they showed were just casual stuff, wheres Kid Icarus? Why do we need like 500 mini-game collections for?
  15. I bought some Nintendo Power again after a long time and I find it's been ruined. Now, nintendo power is devoid of personality. The pages are all just White, with some generic frame, text and a few images. Look at the past NP issues. They all have original back grounds and were full of color. I could just watch it without reading it. Now it looks like a bland Rolling Stone Magazine.
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