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  1. I wore the cover off this one in grade school. Back then I'd travel to school with 3+ magazines in my backpack.
  2. I think this is great idea for collectors and should be implemented. Its presence encourages collecting and trading amongst members and I wish this functionality and website existed for my poster collecting itch.
  3. Another beautiful scan. Thanks so much E-Day! The cover is absolutely gorgeous. I hope some day emulator filters can capture a tenth of how great crts with burning phosphors looked. Thank you!
  4. Nice work E-Day! If only I could I'd give you a Nobel Peace Prize for all your hard work preserving culture. You're something of a digital archeologist and librarian. Thank you so much!
  5. The best issue of VG & CE. I wore out this mag before and after my Mom hooked me up with a TG16 for Xmas. This plus Legendary Axe --loved'em! Way to go Phillyman! Thanks so much.
  6. I also have a prefered order... EGM, SEGA, Game Players and finally Game Informer. A Next Generation Issue would trump all of those.
  7. I'm with you guys on wanting to see 6 and all but if I had to choose between 6 and 8 never to see the other posted I would have to see 8. Seeing Legendary Axe in the pages of EGM makes my heart warm. Thanks Phillyman. I hope we see more Next Generation someday too. EGM and Nintendo Power were great magazines and all but to me Next Generation was really the leader. Thank goodness I recently discovered Edge, Total PC Gaming and Retrogamer.
  8. Video Games and Computer Entertainment! VG&CE gave me my first insight into the Lynx, TurboGrafx and Genesis years before they were released. There issues were thicker than EGM at the time and I thought they were a better value. Up until this point Mom would buy me EGMs every now and then. VG&CE died and I think the remainder of my sub turned into GamePlayers. My next Sub was EGM followed by NextGen which I to this day miss. I'm considering getting a sub to Edge.
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