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  1. oh yes there were a few good games but we both agree they didnt use the system to its full potential, it wasnt a bad idea though well i dont think.
  2. For me it has to be the Mega cd, despite having snatchers on it I feel they didnt use this machine to its full potential
  3. Hey thanks hope you do enjoy the show if not let us know its a pretty long first episode so should listen in parts if you cant listen all the way through at once The first episode is about the Acorn Electron so if you are not familar with it check out the show Later episodes we will talk about the amiga,c64,master system, megadrive ,dreamcast and so on so check us out
  4. The second episode will be about the amiga So what game marked the amiga? for example nintendo had mario sega had sonic what did the amiga have ? let me know hope you enjoy our podcast so far
  5. I heard some ign podcast and I do like the people on it , very funny people but tend to go off the subject I have a post on a new podcast called the games graveyard which will feature us ranting on about computers we had in the past Its a little geeky but has plenty of tongue in cheek humor first episode is about the Acorn Electron link is at the bottom hope you enjoy our podcast
  6. I think the first mario game i finished was super mario bro's 3, I am still proud of it to this very day SAD i know
  7. sounds great, My top 5 are: Shenmue Dead or Alive 2 UFC Virtua tennis headhunter let me know your thoughts on my selection
  8. what were and maybe still your all time best 5 dreamcast games
  9. Hello I am Charlie, I am part of a new podcast called The Games Graveyard hello all hows everyone? I am Charlie and I am part of the new podcast called the games graveyard. There are two other members Tom and Jamie and the three of us will be talking about Games, consoles and computers we owned in the past. We will be starting the first episode with the first computer we had the Acorn Electron which may seem odd to some but it was the first computer I played and it got me into playing games. The Podcast is a little geeky but has your typical tongue in cheek sarcastic british humour so please do tune in to the GAMES GRAVEYARD You can also check out the amiga in the next episode Let me know your top 5 amiga games check it out http://gamesgraveyard.podomatic.com/ and remember Top 5 amiga games
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