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  1. What are the hardest video games you've ever played? Mine are: Myst MegaMan Zero I Wanna be the Guy Eternal Daughter
  2. I think it was either Zelda: Link to the Past, or Donkey Kong Country.
  3. I completed the Super Nintendo version a few years ago.
  4. I've just downloaded and set up F@H, and I have it running right now.
  5. Try some of these possible solutions: 1: When a user registers, have a script check for duplicate IP addresses before allowing the registration to go through. Have a script ban IP addresses when a certain number of attempts to register are made through that address. 2: Find lists of IP addresses for proxy servers and ban them all.
  6. MaverickHunter40245


    Ummm... what is the point of this post? Also, "Hi" has got to be the worst thread title I've ever seen.
  7. Let's come up with our own DRM systems! Your objective is to try to invent a DRM scheme that would make piracy very difficult, but but not interfere with the rights of those who own the game legally. Post comments and criticism of other people's systems, and revise your own system (using the edit button) in response to said criticism.
  8. Why does the download manager say to wait until other downloads are complete? I'm not downloading any other files!
  9. Yes, because everyone knows that a gaming system isn't complete without some sort of add-on.
  10. The following Atari 2600 Games: Custer's Revenge Beat 'Em and Eat 'Em Philly Flasher Jungle Fever Burning Desire Gigolo Cathouse Blues Knight on the Town
  11. Stefan Eriksson, one of the high-up developers of the Gizmondo, had ties with the Swedish Mafia, and he crashed a Ferrari Enzo.
  12. What video game system do you think is the worst ever made?
  13. There is an enhanced remake of Metal Gear Solid available on the GameCube. You can also play it on the Wii if you have a Gamecube controller and memory card.
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