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  1. Born in 86', and my first system was actually the Amiga 500.
  2. lol and I just ordered Earthbound and Summer Carnival Recca
  3. Yes, but there's a 50 dollar minimum order value. (without shipping)
  4. PAL Mega Man in great condition I guess...yeah, I suck.
  5. This will take some more time, I need to figure this color-thing out.
  6. So I still got two 5 dollar coupons for play-asia lying around here and I'm not going to use them, so who wants them? Send me a PM. (one coupon per user)
  7. AES: Blue's Journey (EUR) Crossed Swords (JAP) Cyber Lip (JAP) Fatal Fury (JAP) Fatal Fury 2 (JAP) Fatal Fury 3 (JAP) Fatal Fury Special (JAP) Galaxy Fight (JAP) King of Fighters 94 (JAP) King of Fighters 95 (JAP) King of Fighters 96 (JAP) King of Fighters 97 (JAP) King of Fighters 98 (JAP) King of Fighters 99 (JAP) King of Fighters 2000 (JAP) King of Fighters 2001 (JAP) Last Blade (JAP) Magician Lord (JAP) NAM-1975 (JAP) Real Bout Fatal Fury (JAP) Samurai Spirits (JAP) Samurai Spirits 2 (JAP) Samurai Spirits 3 (JAP) Sengoku (JAP) Oldschool Board "Newschool" Board NGCD Pad 2x JAP NG AES Unibios 2.3 24 Games MVS: King of Fighters 96 King of Fighters 2003 Metal Slug Real Bout Fatal Fury Special Viewpoint Windjammers 6 Games PS3: Folklore Metal Gear Solid 4 Uncharted 3 Games 360: Armored Core 4 (PAL UK) Bioshock (PAL UK) Chromehounds (PAL) Dead or Alive 4 (PAL) Dead Rising (PAL) Dragonball Z Burst Limit (PAL) Enchanted Arms (PAL) Gears of War (PAL) Guitar Hero 3 (PAL) GTA IV (PAL) Halo 3 (Legendary Edition) PAL Kameo (PAL Bundle) Marvel Ultimate Alliance (PAL AUS) Perfect Dark Zero Limited (PAL) Prey (PAL) Project Gotham Racing 3 (PAL Bundle) Quake 4 + Quake 2 (PAL UK) Smackdown vs RAW 2007 (PAL) Soul Calibur 4 (PAL?) Spider-man 3 (PAL) The Orange Box (PAL UK) Tomb Raider Legend (PAL) Viva Pinata (PAL) Live Arcade: 3D Minigolf Castlevania SOTN Contra Doom Geometry Wars Hexic HD Pac-Man C.E Paperboy Worms 360 Premium 1x Wireless Pad 1x Wired Pad 20 GB HDD 23 Games 3DO: D (PAL,sealed) Myst (PAL,sealed) Return Fire + Maps o' Death (PAL UK) Striker (PAL,sealed) Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (PAL) Theme Park (PAL) Waialea Golf (PAL,sealed) Goldstar 3DO Konsole 7 Games Dreamcast: 4 Wheel Thunder (PAL) 18 Wheeler (JAP) Aerowings (PAL) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (PAL, dt.) Bangai-o (PAL, sealed) Biohazard 2 Value Plus (JAP) Biohazard Code: Veronica Limited (JAP) Blue Stinger (JAP) Blue Stinger (PAL) Cannon Spike (PAL) Capcom vs. SNK Milennium Fight 200 (JAP) Caesars Palace 200 (PAL) ChuChu Rocket! (PAL) Crazy Taxi (PAL) D2 (JAP, White) Deep Fighter (PAL) Dead or Alive 2 (PAL, sealed) Death Crimson (JAP) Deadly Skies (PAL) Dino Crises (PAL) Dragons Blood (PAL) Ecco the Dolphin Defender of the Furture (PAL, White Label) ECW Hardcore Revolution (PAL) Evil Dead: Hail to the King (PAL) Expendable (PAL) F1 World Grand Prix (PAL) Fighting Force 2 (PAL) Fighting Vipers 2 (PAL) Garou: Mark of the Wolves (JAP, sealed) Giga Wing (JAP) Gunbird 2 (PAL, sealed) Headhunter (PAL) Heavy Metal Geomatrix (PAL) House of the Dead 2 (JAP) Illbleed (US) Incoming (PAL) Jet Set Radio (JAP) Jet Set Radio (PAL) King of Fighters 99 Evolution (JAP) King of Fighters 2002 (JAP) Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (PAL) MDK2 (PAL) Maken X (JAP) Marvel vs. Capcom (PAL) Metropolis Street Racer (PAL) NHL 2k (PAL, White Label) Phantasy Star Online (PAL) Phantasy Star Online Ver.2 (PAL) Planet Ring (PAL) Plasma Sword (PAL) POD2 (PAL) Power Stone (PAL) Puyo Puyo Fever (JAP) Quake III Arena (PAL, sealed) Racing Simulation 2 (PAL) Railroad Tycoon 2 (PAL) Red Dog (PAL, White Label) Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (PAL) Seaman (JAP) Sega Extreme Sports (PAL, White Label) Sega GT (PAL) Sega Rally (PAL) Sega Rally 2 (JAP) Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000 (PAL) Shenmue (PAL 2x) Shenmue (JAP+Jukebox CD) Shenmue 2 (JAP mit VF 4 Disc, sealed) Silent Scope (US) Sonic Adventure (PAL) Sonic Adventure 2 (JAP) Soul Calibur (JAP) Space Channel 5 Limited (US) Spawn: In the Demons Hand (PAL) Star Wars Demolition (PAL) Street Fighter III Double Impact (PAL) Super Runabout (PAL) Super Magnetic Neo (PAL) Sydney 2000 (PAL) Time Stalkers (PAL, White Label) Toy Commander (PAL) Toy Racer (PAL, sealed) Trickstyle (PAL) UEFA Striker (PAL) Ultimate Fighting Championship (PAL, White Label) Virtua Atlethe 2000 (PAL) Virtua Fighter 3tb. (PAL) Virtua Striker 2 (PAL) Viruta Tennis (PAL) Virtua Tennis 2 (PAL) V-Rally 2 (PAL) Who wants to be a Millonaire? (PAL) Worms Armageddon (PAL) WWF Attitude (PAL) Zombie Revenge (PAL, US) DC Standard Pad (PAL) 2x weiß DC-X Dreamcast Konsole (PAL, 2te Generation) 93 Games Sega Saturn: Akumajo Dracula X: Gekka no Yasoukyoku (JAP) Alien Trilogy (JAP) Command & Conquer (JAP) Christmas Nights (PAL) Fighting Vipers (PAL) King of Fighters 95 (PAL) Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter (JAP) Mega Man 8 (JAP, Rockman 8) Mega Man X3 (PAL) Mega Man X4 (JAP, Rockman X4, "Collection") Myst (PAL) Nights: Into Dreams (US, Bigbox) Panzer Dragoon (PAL) Panzer Dragoon II (PAL) Real Bout Garou Densetsu (JAP) Sega Rally Championship (PAL) Segata Sanshirou Shinkenyugi (JAP) Sim City 2000 (PAL) Super Adventure Rockman (JAP) Tomb Raider (PAL) Vitua Fighter (PAL) Virtua Hydlide (JAP) Wipeout (PAL) Wipeout 2097 (PAL) 2x Standard Saturn Pads Sega Saturn Konsole, 50/60 Hz Switch, Länderschalter Europa, USA, Japan; schwarz (PAL) 3D Pad 24 Games SNES: Actraiser (JAP) Breath of Fire II (PAL) Chou Makaimura (JAP, "Super Ghouls n' Ghosts) Front Mission (JAP) Gradius III (JAP) Harvest Moon (PAL) Incantation (PAL) Illusion of Time (PAL) Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures (PAL) Killer Instinct (PAL UK) Kirby's Fun Pak (PAL) Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (PAL) Lemmings 2 (PAL) Lufia (PAL) Mario Paint (PAL) Mechwarrior (PAL) Might & Magic II (PAL UK) Parodius (PAL) Pilotwings (PAL) Plok (PAL) Rockman 7 (JAP) Rockman & Forte (JAP) Rockman X (JAP) Rockman X 3 (JAP) Romance of the Three Kingdoms III (JAP) Secret of Evermore (PAL) Secret of Mana (PAL) Shadowrun (PAL) Shin Megami Tensei (JAP) Shin Megami Tensei if... (JAP) Sim City (PAL) Starwing (PAL) Super Donkey Kong (JAP) Super Donkey Kong 3 (JAP) Super Mario All-Stars (PAL) Super Mario World (PAL) Super Metroid (PAL UK, JAP) Super Probotector (PAL) Super R-Type (PAL) Super Street Fighter 2 (PAL UK) Terranigma (PAL) The Lost Vikings (PAL) Wizardy V (JAP) Yoshis Island (PAL) SNES Konsole (PAL) 2x Standard Pads 1x Score Master Pad Maus 44 Games Wii: Excite Truck (PAL) Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (PAL) Links Crossbow Traning (PAL) Mario Kart Wii (PAL) Mario Strikers Charged (PAL) Metal Slug Anthology (PAL) No more Heroes (US) Rampage: Total Destruction (PAL) Red Steel (PAL) Resident Evil Umbrell Chronicles (PAL) Super Mario Galaxy (PAL) Super Smash Bros. Brawl (US) WarioWare Smooth Moves (PAL) Wii Play (PAL) Wii Sports (PAL) Virtual Console: Bomberman 93 Donkey Kong Country Golden Axe Gunstar Heroes Kid Icarus Kirby's Adventure Legend of the Mystical Ninja Mario & Yoshi R-Type III Paper Mario Sin & Punishment Streets of Rage Super Castlevania Super Mario Bros 2 Super Probotector Story of Thor TMNT Vectorman Warios Woods 2xClassic Controller 2xRemote Controller 2xNunchuck 14 Games GameCube: Animal Crossing (PAL+ MC 59) Chibi Robo! (PAL) Donkey Konga (PAL, Donkey Konga Pak) Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem (PAL) F-Zero GX (PAL, Players Choice) Harvest Moon - A Wonderful Life (PAL) Ikaruga (PAL) Killer 7 (US) Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Limited (PAL + Zelda OoT Master Quest) Mega Man Anniversary Collection (US) Mega Man X Collection (US) Mega Man X Command Mission (PAL) Mario Kart Double Dash!! (PAL, Double Dash GC Platinum Pak) Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes (PAL) Metroid Prime (PAL) Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (PAL) Odama (PAL) Paper Mario LDÄ (PAL) Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2 (PAL) Pikmin (PAL, Players Choice) Reign of Fire (PAL) Resident Evil 3 (PAL UK) Resident Evil 4 (PAL UK) Sonic Gems Collection (PAL) Spider-man 2 (PAL) Spartan: Total Warrior (PAL) Star Wars Rogue Squadron III (PAL, Players Choice) Super Smash Bros. Melee (PAL) Ultimate Spider-man (PAL) Viewtiful Joe (PAL) Viewtiful Joe 2 (PAL, sealed) Wave Race Blue Storm (PAL) X-men Legends II (PAL) Game Boy Player GC Standard Pads, Purple 1x, Platinum 1x (PAL) Freeloader 1.06b Bongos 2x GameCube Konsole Platinum (PAL) 33 Games PSone Alien Trilogy (PAL, dt.) beatmania (PAL) Castlevania Chronicles (PAL) Final Fantasy VI (PAL) Final Fantasy VII (PAL, Platinum) Final Fantasy VIII (PAL, Platinum) Front Mission 2 (JAP) Mega Man X5 (PAL) Metal Gear Solid (PAL) Parasite Eve 2 (PAL, Platinum) R-Type Delta (PAL) Rockman PSone Books (JAP) Rockman 2 PSone Books (JAP) Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha (PAL) Psone Konsole PAL weiß Standard PSone Pad beatmania Controller 14 Games PS2 Dragon Quest VIII (PAL) God Hand (PAL) Gradius V (PAL) Guitar Hero (PAL) Guitar Hero II (PAL) Guilty Gear X2 Reload (PAL) King of Fighters XI (PAL) King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2 (PAL) Neo Geo Battle Coliseum (PAL) Soul Calibur 3 (PAL) Suikoden V (PAL) R-Type Final (PAL) Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 (PAL) Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 FES (US) Shin Megami Tensei 3 (PAL) Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga 2 PS2 Konsole Schwarz PAL 50004-Serie 3x Standard PS2 Pads 16 Games GameBoyAdvance: Astro Boy Omega Factor (PAL) Boktai 2 (PAL) Comix Zone (PAL) Donkey Kong Country 3 (PAL) F-Zero GP Legend (PAL) Famicom Mini: Ice Climber (JAP) Famicom Mini: Legend of Zelda (JAP) Famicom Mini: Super Mario Bros.(JAP) Game & Watch Gallery Advance (PAL) Gunstar Future Heroes (PAL) Mega Man Zero 2 (JAP, Rockman Zero 2) Mega Man Zero 3 (PAL) Mega Man Zero 4 (PAL) Metroid Zero Mission (JAP) NES Classics: Castlevania (PAL) NES Classics: Dr. Mario (PAL) NES Classics: Legend of Zelda (PAL) NES Classics: Metroid (PAL) NES Classics: Xevious (PAL) NES Classics: Zelda II: Adventure of Link (PAL) Sword of Mana (PAL) Game Boy Micro (Famicom Version) - 110V (Japan) 21 Games GameBoy: Donkey Kong Fortress of Fear Kirbys Dream Land Kirbys Dream Land 2 Marios Picross Mega Man Mega Man II Mega Man III Mystic Quest Pokemon Blau Rockman World Super Mario Land Super Mario Land 2 Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land GameBoy Pocket schwarz 14 Games Game Gear: Columns Crystal Warriors Defenders of oasis James Bond 007 The Duel Lemmings Sega 4in1 Shinobi Sonic Chaos Super Kick Off The Majors Pro Baseball Wonderboy Game Gear schwarz 11 Games Neo Geo Pocket Color: Fatal Fury First Contact King of Fighters R-2 Last Blade Metal Slug First Mission Neo Turf Masters Pac-Man Samurai Shodown 2 SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters Clash Capcom Version (US) Neo Geo Pcket Color, Platinum Blue 8 Games Xbox: Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth (PAL) Capcom vs SNK 2 EO (PAL) Castlevania: Curse of Darkness (PAL) Conker Live & Reloaded (PAL) Dead or Alive Ultimate (PAL) Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball (PAL, Xbox Classics) Doom3 Resurrection of Evil (PAL) Final Fight Streetwise (PAL) Fluch der Karibik (PAL) Halo (PAL) Halo 2 Limited (PAL UK) Jet Set Radio Future (PAL, nicht 2002 Bundle-Version) King of Fighters 2002 (PAL) Metal Slug 3 (PAL) Mortal Kombat: Deception (PAL UK) Outrun 2 (PAL) Panzer Dragoon Orta (PAL) Psychonauts (PAL, sealed) Shenmue 2 (PAL) Steel Battalion (PAL) Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (PAL) The Bard's Tale (PAL) The Punisher (PAL UK) Xbox Standard Pad Big Schwarz, Xbox S Pad, 4Gamers schwarz (PAL) Steel Battalion Controller Erste Auflage (PAL) Steel Battalion Box Xbox Konsole Schwarz (PAL) 23 Games NES: 3-1 SMB, Tetris, World Cup (PAL) Battle of Olympus (PAL-A) Captain Skyhawk (PAL) Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers 2 (PAL) Dr.Mario (PAL) Duck Tales (PAL) Faxanadu (PAL) Guardian Legend (PAL) Kid Icarus (PAL) Kirbys Adventure (PAL) Legend of Zelda (PAL) Maniac Mansion (PAL UK) Mega Man (PAL) Mega Man 2 (PAL) Mega Man 3 (PAL) Mega Man 4 (PAL) Mega Man 5 (PAL) Mega Man 6 (US) Pinball (PAL) Road Fighter (PAL) Shadowgate (PAL) Snake Rattle n' Roll (PAL) Super Mario Bros. (PAL) Super Mario Bros.2 (PAL) Super Mario Bros.3 (PAL) Super Turrican (PAL) Tetris (PAL) The Goonies 2 (PAL) Tiny Toon Adventures (PAL) Yoshi's Cookie (PAL) Wario's Woods (PAL) Zelda II: Adventure of Link (PAL) 2x NES Standard Pad, grau 1x NES Advantage Controller 1x NES Konsole PAL modded 32 Games Nintendo DS: Advance Wars: Dual Strike (PAL) Advance Wars: Dark Conflict (PAL) Animal Crossing Wild World (US) Biohazard Deadly Silence (JAP) Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (PAL) Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (PAL) Game & Watch Collection (JAP) Kirby Power Paintbrush (PAL) Mario Kart DS (PAL) Mega Man ZX (US) Meteos (JAP) New Super Mario Bros. (US) Nintendo DS Browser für Nintendo DS (PAL) Phoenix Wright (PAL) Phoenix Wright 2 (PAL) Phoenix Wright 3 (US) Project Rub (PAL) Ridge Racer DS (US) Sonic Rush (PAL) Super Mario 64 DS (PAL) Space Invaders Extreme (US) Tetris DS (PAL) The Rub Rabbits (PAL) The World Ends With You (US) WarioWare Touched! (PAL) Wario Master of Disguise (PAL) Nintedo DS silber 26 Games PC: Baphoments Fluch Baphoments Fluch 2 Bladerunner Bioshock Limited Edition UK Civilizaiton 3 + Play the World + Conquests Civilizaiton 4 Command & Conquer SVGA Dark Messiah of Might & Magic Dungeon Keeper 2 Enter the Matrix Fahrenheit F.E.A.R Gabriel Knight 2 Gabriel Knight 3 GTA Vice City Guild Wars Fractions Herr der Ringe Online Larry 5 Max Payne 2 Mega Man X8 Monkey Island 3 Oblivion One Unit Whole Blood Painkiller Black Edition Sam & Max Scarface Silent Hill 3 Silent Hill 4 Sim City 4 Deluxe Sims 2 Stalker Collectors Edition The Dig Vampire Bloodlines Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War + Winter Assault + Dark Crusade War of the Ring Zehn Adventures 35 Games PSP: Castlevania Dracula X Chronnicles Gradius Collection (PAL) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (PAL UK) Mega Man Maverick Hunter X (PAL) Mega Man Powered UP! (PAL) Metal Gear Ac!d 2 (PAL) Parodius Portable (JAP) Tekken Dark Resurrection (PAL) PSP Schwarz, 1GB Memory Stick, FW 2.81 7 Games N64: Blast Corps (PAL) Castlevania Legacy of Darkness (PAL) Command & Conquer (PAL) Cruis n' USA (PAL) Doom 64 (PAL) Duke Nukem 64 (PAL) Duke Nukem Zero Hour (PAL) Excitebike 64 (PAL) Forsaken (PAL) F-Zero X (PAL) Fifa 64 (PAL) Goldeneye 007 (PAL) Hexen (PAL) Holy Magic Century (PAL) Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask (PAL) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (PAL) Lylatwars (PAL) Mario Kart 64 (PAL) Mischief Makers (PAL) Perfect Dark (PAL) Pilotwings 64 (PAL) Shadowgate 64 (PAL) Shadowman (PAL) Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (PAL) Star Wars; Shadows of the Empire (PAL) Super Mario 64 (PAL) Super Smash Bros. (PAL) Wave Race 64 (PAL) N64 Konsole, PAL, schwarz Standard N64 Pad grau 28 Games Sega Mega Drive: Another World (PAL) Bio Hazard Battle (PAL) Buster's Hidden Treasure (PAL) Cannon Fodder (PAL) Chaos Engine (PAL) Cool Spot (PAL) Donald in Maui Mallard (PAL) Dune II Kampf um den Wüstenplaneten (PAL, deutsch) Earthworm Jim (PAL) Ecco II The Tides of Time (PAL) Haunting starring Polterguy (PAL) Lemmings (PAL) Lemmings 2 (PAL) Mega-Lo-Mania (PAL) Mega Man The Wily Wars (PAL) Micro Machines (PAL) Mortal Kombat (PAL) Powermonger (PAL) Shadow of the Beast (PAL) Shadowrun (US) Shining in the Darkness (PAL) Snake Rattle n'Roll (PAL) Sonic Compilation (PAL) Sonic 2 (PAL) Sonic 3 (PAL) Sonic & Knuckles (PAL) Sonic Spinball (PAL) Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition (PAL) Super Fantasy Zone (PAL) Super Hang-on (PAL) Super Skidmarks (PAL) The Ottifants (PAl, Classic) Toejam & Earl: Panik auf Funkotron (PAL) Turrican (sealed) World Cup 94 USA (PAL) Xenon 2 (PAL) Zool (PAL) 1x Mega Drive Konsole PAL 1x Mega Drive Konsole JAP 2x Standard 3-Button Pads 37 Games Mega CD: Prince of Persia (PAL) Time Gal (PAL) Game&Watch: Black Jack Chef Crab Grab Donkey Kong Donkey Kong II Donkey Kong III (Vs. Microsystem) Donkey Kong Hockey (Vs. Microsystem) Donkey Kong Jr. (New Widescreen) Fire Fire Attack Crab Grab Gold Cliff Greenhouse Life Boat Lion Manhole Mario Bros. Marios Bombs Away Marios Cement Factory (New Widescreen) Mickey & Donald Octopus Oil Panic Parachute Popeye (WideScreen) Popeye (Tabletop) Pinball Snoopy Snoopy Tennis Super Mario Bros. Squish Tropical Fish Turtle Bridge Zelda 28 Games Vectrex: Berzerk Cosmic Chasm Minestorm 3 Games 576 Games lol.
  8. Mystic Quest/Final Fantasy Adventure on the Game Boy. I'm old. :(
  9. Xenosaga 2 comes pretty close, Virtua Hylide on the Saturn is also very, very bad.
  10. The music in the red soil part of brinstar, maridia and all the upgrades.
  11. Too bad I don't own photoshop Anyway, I did some test scans and its looks better on the following pages for some reason.
  12. First page and I already run into problems... Look at this page: http://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p52/Howiman/1.png (not the original resolution!) IMO, the colors look really strange, kinda "fuzzy"...its a raw scan, without any photoshopping involved. So, is that a problem? (I'm using a Lexmark X3450 btw)
  13. No thanks, I don't like it when people (in this case: google) snoop around in my private stuff (the same reason why I'm not using gmail anymore)
  14. I will try to scan a few pages this weekend
  15. Can't see the map, but I'm from Northern Germany.
  16. First of all, I really love what you're doing here, spending your time and uploading all these mags, good job. So my question: Are you interested in german Club Nintendo scans? I still got like 30+ lying around here, some from the early/mid-nineties and some from the early 2000's (the last issue came out circa 6 years ago) I saw some swedish mags for download, so thats why I'm asking. Anyway, our Club Nintendo is (or was) pretty much like the UK version: Similiar layout, similar artwork and FREE. Regrads, GW
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