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  1. omg..I'm sleeping.It's already official ..... Sad news man.just read in the new last yeah that here in asia,games were not affected by the current recesssion.Guess it doesn't apply to the mags as well =( ...... And thank you meepi for not flaming me to hell .In others forums(like,I would had been f..... upside down
  2. @triverse According to user replies in this article It isn't really dead(and might,in fact,be an april fool's joke ) .Just different............
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    sorry Exdead,but I think you can't.Those are not guides to RETRO games.On the home page,phillyman and the rest of his gang already decided not to allow ANYTHING after 1999.
  4. Why is it that no one's mentioned the PS1 yet? It has a ton of great games like Final Fantasy 7/8/9,Metal Gear Solid and Gran Turismo. Definitely my favorite retro console