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  1. I just pitched in $10 for the cause.
  2. http://www.joystiq.com/2008/11/20/new-york...-future-for-eg/ NYT: Ziff-Davis considering online-only future for EGM 27 Comments by Randy Nelson Nov 20th 2008 8:00PM Filed under: Culture As we near the end of a year that saw outspoken EGM editor-in-chief Dan "Shoe" Hsu resign his post, The New York Times quotes publisher Ziff-Davis as "considering" a course of action that would take the prominent print mag online only. The news comes in an article about ZD's decision to make a similar move with 27-year-old flagship publication, PC Magazine. Ziff-Davis chief executive, James Young, revealed to the paper that an online-only future for EGM is a possibility, but that the publisher "would not make a decision before the end of the year." Recent months have seen the departure of staffers from 1UP, EGM's online sister publication, and a frank admission of the decreasing viability of games-related print media by 1UP editorial director, Simon Cox.
  3. Speaking of Nintendo Power contests, I just discovered that comic book artist J. Scott Campbell was the winner of a Nintendo Power contest to design your own video game (the game was never intended to actually be developed, of course). See page 97 of the CBR scan file for Nintendo Power issue 6 (May/June 1989). Back then, nobody knew who J. Scott Campbell was. But in the 90's, he became a popular comic book artist doing books like Gen13 and Danger Girl. Here's the link I found from a Google search for "Nintendo Power Contest" http://www.aeropause.com/2008/08/read-a-lo...3-october-2008/
  4. Add one more link to that: http://benandalice.com/2006/03/mega-mega-man.html
  5. I did a quick Goggle search and found a couple of topics about it. http://progressiveboink.com/archive/megaman.html http://www.gamespot.com/wii/action/megaman...&pid=950625 See if that helps. If I have time (which I usually don't have alot of free time these days), I'll try to skim through the old NP scans from this site to see if I can find which one that was. Not making any promises <G>.
  6. Ditto. Dragon Warrior on the NES. Great game, great series. Though Crystalis and Willow were awesome action-adventure games back in the day too.
  7. 1) Doom (PC) 2) Final Fantasy VII (PSX) 3) Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Arcade/PSX/PSP) 4) Legend of Zelda (NES) 5) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) Honorable mention: Goldeneye 007 (N64), Quake (PC), Half Life 2 (PC), Unreal Tournament (PC), Dragon Quest VIII (PS2), Willow (NES), Rygar (NES), Crystalis (NES), Soul Calibur (Arcade/Dreamcast), God of War II (PS2), Mike Tyson's Punch Out! (NES), Full Throttle (PC), Resident Evil 4 (Gamecube/PS2/Wii), Street Fighter II (Arcade/SNES) and WWF Wrestlefest (Arcade).
  8. 1) Soul Calibur 2) Crazy Taxi 3) Sonic Adventure 4) Grandia II 5) Skies of Arcadia Shenmue was kinda fun for the first couple of hours, but I got tired of running around asking about sailors and Quick Timer Events. I missed out on Resident Evil: Code Veronica until the PS2 version. I wasn't receptive to the series until Resident Evil 4 came out.
  9. Crips! That's no small set of mags. Indeed, much thanks!!
  10. Just FYI, a Wikipedia search for "renovation" took me to an article about industry. There was no disambiguation screen. However, the search for "Renovation Products" did return a small article page. Looks like they were bought by Sega in 1993. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renovation_Products
  11. Better question is, what happened to Renovation? Time to hit Wikipedia.
  12. To be honest, it seems to me that every time a Republican is president, the economy is in the crapper. Reagen, George H.W. Bush and now good ol' "W". Things were good when Bill Clinton was in office, IMHO. I'm definitely voting for Obama.
  13. Begs the question, which magazines specifically? Just asking.
  14. Toughest NES games: Batman Ninja Gaiden Ghosts N Goblins I did manage to beat Batman...twice. It took many, many hours and attempts...and this was after weeks of playing it over and over again. I would never have the patience to even try now. Besides, I'm in my mid-30's. I don't have teenage reflexes any more.
  15. Yeah, the NES version made you play through the whole adventure twice to get to the "real" final boss and ending. lame. EDIT: I did complete the first play-through of GNG, but I was out of lives by the time it was over. I think I only made it to stage 1 or 2 on the second play-through.
  16. What's everyone's favorite video game music of all time? Mine would be something like: 1) Ys Book I & II (TurboGrafx CD) 2) Final Fantasy VII (PSX) 3) Actraiser (SNES) 4) Sword of Vermilion (Genesis) 5) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) Honorable mention to: Lunar the Silver Star (Sega CD), The 7th Guest (PC), SimCity (SNES) and Willow (NES). I'll call it quits there.
  17. Here's an eBay auction that may be of interest to you. If you ask the seller, he may have some of the others you need. I picked up EGM issues 2-15 from him not long ago. http://cgi.ebay.com/Electronic-Gaming-Mont...oQQcmdZViewItem
  18. No question, the graphics were great. This is not surprising, considering it came from the same development team that created NBA Jam (Mark Turmell's group at Midway). NBA Jam had similar digitized graphics and motion-captured animation, which was still relatively new at that time. Midway was one of the first companies to use this technology in their games (including Mortal Kombat). Interestingly enough, Mark Turmell's group is making the current-gen TNA wrestling game, which looks much more like a wrestling "simulation" than WWF Wrestlemania the Arcade Game.
  19. Console hoarder! <j/k> Geez! That sucks. You should start a rental business.
  20. Ah, yes. Much love and respect for the Dreamcast. I still have mine hooked up, along with my N64, PS2 and Wii. Believe it or not, I'm still using the very first Dreamcast controller that came with the console. I'm still using the two VMU's I've had since 1999 as well. Heck, I still have the promotional orange Dreamcast t-shirt I got at Babbage's or Software Etc. for pre-ordering the system (can't remember which of the two retailers now). Back then, they made things that worked and lasted. I'll bet that if I had a Xbox360 (which I don't), it would have RROD'ed by now.
  21. I always preferred WWF Superstars and WWF Wrestlefest in the arcades. Honestly, I thought even the SNES games from Acclaim were better than Midway's Wrestlemania arcade game. It wasn't even a wrestling game. It was barely a fighting game. Not trying to be a troll or start a flame war. That's just my opinion, and opinions vary. EDIT: Just got excited when I saw a discussion about old-school WWF wrestling games.
  22. Check out: http://www.vc-reviews.com/ They have reviews and a "coming soon" list compiled from OFLC and ESRB ratings information.
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