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  1. That's awesome, Tinman! I really look forward to seeing those scans!!
  2. Actually, the DW2 poster doesn't have enemy data on it, but yeah, it has maps and items and hints on it. Perhaps you should scan it... *hint hint*
  3. Cool! Now if I could just lay my hands on that Dragon Warrior 2 poster Enix gave out way back when...
  4. Pilotwings. Watching the intructors' eyes bug out when you get a 100 on a test was always great.
  5. I also think a Castlevania 2 remake would be nice, though I'd rather see the first two Gameboy Castlevanias get revamped (HA!). A graphical remake of CV3 would be cool, but it would probably end up disappointing due to the sheer awesomeness of the original. Also, I'd like to see a remake of Zelda 1 + 2, maybe combined into one long quest to obtain the three pieces of the triforce. I think it would be interesting seeing what a top-down Zelda 2 would be like. A remake of Sweet Home would also be welcome, even if all it had was a few graphical and gameplay improvements. Likewise, a remake of Uninvited could be creepy as hell.
  6. I remember pogo balls! i think i even remember seeing the michael jackson doll commercial. yikes! but that ooze gun ... jeez, i was laughing too when that first kid got hit and started rubbing it all over his chest... funny!
  7. I downloaded it yesterday. So far, I'm totally lovin' it, even the difficulty. I really hope this inspires more developers to make more 'retro' games.
  8. All of them are good games. Out of all of them, I'm going to have to say that my favorite is the first one, espcially the awesome GC version. RE2 is a close second (Ha!). The 'A' and 'B' games really add depth to an already cool story. RE4 was a fantastic game with awsome gameplay, though for some reason it just didn't feel like a RE game to me. Maybe it was due to the fact that the T-virus was replaced by fossilized parasites? Whatever. It's still a great game. Code Veronica is my least favorite of the bunch.
  9. I don't think I was ever scared by a SNES games. Sure, there were a few 'Oh, crap!" moments, but no video game ever really scared me until Silent Hill... *shudders at the thought of ghostly children surrounding him in a dark school*
  10. Although I don't really consider it a rpg, Crystalis was an early one for me, too. I'd have to say mine was Dragon Warrior. My best friend sent me the NP strategy guide to help me out. That series has had its hooks in me ever since.
  11. Can my answer be "all of the above"? *ducks to avoid getting hit by wife*
  12. I'm currently pulling my hair out playing SMB: The Lost Levels on the VC. Some of those jumps you have to make are brutal. Legacy of the Wizard is a game I could never beat. I eventually resorted to looking at maps and guides...
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