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  1. Have to find that review, was it an online review?
  2. Yeah, brilliant game, although I got lost at the beginning when I first played it but I came back to it and it was amazing. Have you played any of the Oracle games? Oracle of Ages vies for the best Zelda game ever in my opinion.
  3. Sigh... F-Zero GX... My GameCube controller had bite marks in it because of that game, and now there's a dent in the wall... "No, his name is Error" "What?" "His name..." "Yeah..." "It's Error" "Is it a problem with the cart?" "No, his name is Error" "What? The game had a problem in loading his name" "No, they meant it to say that!" "But that's stupid" "Yes, but it wasn't an actual error" "But you said that was his name" "Just piss off, OK??!?"
  4. Couldn't be doing with an LCD screen, lightguns don't work. But fortunately, I am able to get 21" flatscreen CRTs with SCART input cheaply, so I don't get refresh rate issues. LCDs are better in that way in many cases.
  5. Now I understand one of the reasons why its so much more in the UK... 95 octane is standard. If a car gets less than 40mpg it's not considered that great.
  6. I have to discard chocolate, even though I love it so much, I've kind of grown an addiction to coffee.
  7. That's pretty cheap! You're really lucky.
  8. I am in the middle of building one myself! It will also incorporate a PS2 so I can play the Time Crisis games too! And yeah, on my F-Zero site, all images so far have cited sources so no worries! You have the issue with Zero Racers, which is REALLY hard to come by. Wow, that's really interesting, I'm 16 and live on a farm. Is it a pig farm perchance? Sorry for the stereotype if it isn't!
  9. I live in the UK, my nearest petrol station, sells standard unleaded for £1.34 per litre, that's about $2.60. So, yeah, just under $10/gallon.
  10. The official magazine in the UK was changed to Future 2 years ago and it turned to shite, and now I can't read it without hating it. I wouldn't worry about your subscriptions so much, but the severe drop in quality you will experience in your magazine. Still, the subscriptions issue is pretty bad, I would just write a letter, seriously, you always get a better response that way.
  11. I am a student who lives in the United Kingdom, and I run an F-Zero fan site so anything relating to it would be fantastic. I have quite large collection of Nintendo Official Magazine and ONM in the UK so I could scan those. I also have the odd issue of Nintendo Power, CUBE and GamesMaster. I also have some other mags like PC Pro. I have an unhealthy interest in Nintendo plus Bass Guitar and professional photography and love a good community.