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  1. i live in Hungary, Budapest(damn my Y and S keys are stuck)
  2. Snes9x PJ64 VisualBoyAdvance1.7(better than the new betas) Jnes
  3. this guy seems off topic.(that encyclopedia doesnt seem to have anything to do with it)
  4. Yea well im a big fan of the Metroid series too as well as other nintendo games but the time when i got the most scared in my life was when i was 6 and i saw my dad getting pwned by the Mother Brain in Super metroid(you know the unevadeable laser) and even more when the Super Metroid got into the scene.i couldnt play any metroid games for years.but luckily i grew out of it.How about you?which game freaked you out the most on the Snes?
  5. the only mags in my collection is a 1993 issue of Nintendo power got it imported from e-bay a few years ago.and plus a few GameStar and PC-Guru magazines
  6. i would soooooo want Yoshi's Island on VC im dying to hear the full credits song in the end i wouldnt ever care about how expensive would it be i would eat dust just to get it
  7. im totally gona save up wii points for that
  8. well im quite good and know quite much about the NES era but i was born just the year the Snes era started
  9. wel mines 1)Yoshi's Island 2)Super Mario RPG 3)Super Mario World 4)Legend Of Zelda ALTP 5)Super Metroid 6)Earth Worm Jim 1 7)Donkey Kong Country 2 8)Donkey Kong Country 3 9)Chrono Trigger 10)Super Mario All Stars
  10. for me the 16-bit dream the Snes is forever
  11. no one is as cool as Lucas and his power glove XD its so baaaaad
  12. im currently playing alot of nintendo games,but my all time favorite retro would be Yoshi's Island on snes
  13. ~341 Huf a liter meaning 2,5$ a liter.
  14. if i recall right...Pokémon mystery dungeon on the GBA
  15. well hi all im andrevus.im from hungary,im a nintendo fanatic(never would play anything else except on vc).im hasty so dont mind it if my grammar is crappy sometimes.i was born in 1992,and most of all...i love Yoshi! i have a Snes a PC(verry obvius XD)a wii and a GBA.currently im rooting to get brawl
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