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  1. I have just recently discovered and rediscovered the ps1 and ps2 so I have a bit of trouble seeing it as retro, plus lots of their games haven't suffered by the passing of the times.
  2. For me is SNES, N64, Saturn, Dreamcast. The NES always hold that first place.
  3. It was no problem. I love your website and what all of u are doing for the gaming community. I am an avid gamer that is also studying game design and animation. Ur website actually helped me in my project about the sega saturn, it's impact, fanbase, and it's perception. I have lost many magazines throught the years the only collection i still have is the Nintendo Power 1# to 78# give or take an issue but I also started looking for magazines in ebay for my own collection and it would be my honor to scan them and contribute to The Cause Keep this up a trip back to the simpler days of our youth: Priceless!
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