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  1. megaman1 ,even when i'm lucky i can only get through a few stages
  2. first rpg i play is final fantasy 2,didn't go anyhere beacuse it's japanese version
  3. joere

    Favorite Music

    weezer gbv dizzee rascal the go team kanye west
  4. for me,it's nes.i played it for more than ten years,even now many games don't get old
  5. probably 32x, sega just pours out too many uncessary system
  6. Gradius III in mame pretty imprssive for a shotter that old
  7. gonna be either super mario 3 or nba live 2005,bring back sweet memory
  8. goal 2 on nes fun soccer game there's a teris twist on snes called bomb teris or something