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  1. Doki Doki Kazooie! Looks sort of interesting; but yeah the balance of Banjo bashing baddies to some odd mix of Diddy Kong Racing and GTA is definitely leaning a bit too far towards the vehicle end. If the vehicle thing were one, maybe two "worlds" out of eight or nine that'd be okay, or if it were like a side quest type of thing that would work too.
  2. I own/have played (and beaten) both the SNES original and PS1 port. So I probably won't be picking this one up; but it'll be interesting to see/hear on the internet and from friends how they've tweaked and updated it for an 'enhanced port'. Like if they put in new abilities like they've done for the FF IV remake on the DS.
  3. I've gotta say it's a tie between Michael Keaton and Adam West.
  4. Garland kicked your butt?? Pardon me, but .... AHAHAHAA ((rofl)) Ahem, sorry bout that. But that *does* remind of this, and this, and this ,and finally this. But yeah, I've played through Final Fantasy on the original NES and huge gray plastic cartridge a bunch of times.
  5. That video rocked in all sorts of ways. It would be awesome if someone, fan or professional, could crank out like a two or three level demo. Wouldn't need to be too much, to avoid getting into trouble with Nintendo et al, just enough for a little bit of playable fun and laughs. I remember him! Raphael Raven the final boss of world 5.
  6. Any NES, SNES or PS1 game with "Final Fantasy" in the title. Any Legend of Zelda game comes in at a close second though.
  7. My SNES Top 10 1. Final Fantasy III (aka VI) 2. Chrono Trigger 3. Final Fantasy II (aka IV) 4. Secret of Evermore 5. Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past 6. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars 7. Secret of Mana 8. Super Mario World 9. Sailor Moon: Another Story ((Sailor Moon RPG ~ translated rom)) 10. Magic Knight Rayearth ((translated rom))
  8. When I do drink (rarely), I like me a good Strawberry Daiquiri or a bottle of Mike's Hard Lemonade. I like sweet stuff; I've got a mouthful of sweet tooth/teeth.
  9. I've heard mixed things about the Final Fantasy Ultimania guides. Usually I stick to the Nintendo Player Guides for the early games, and the Brady Games guides for the more recent ones.
  10. Secret of Evermore for the SNES. Gotta love the Toaster-Dog!
  11. Nintendo Power all the way. Started with volume 64, back issue ordered volume 17 (Yay Final Fantasy!! ^_^), and subscribed up until volume 186. I still have all of them too; lined up on the entirety of the bottom shelf of a bookcase in my room. Also somewhere I found "The Best of the Nintendo Comics System", which has comics of Super Mario Land, Metroid, Legend of Zelda, Captain N, and Punch Out.
  12. I eat chocolate here and there, but have never bothered with coffee. ::waves goodbye to the coffee beans/grounds::
  13. Let's see... About me as a video game fan: I'm a 23 year old guy having just finished college (Bachelor's Degree) this past Spring, who's a middle of the road fan of 8 Bit and 16 Bit games as well as your general Sci Fi and cartoon stuff. I still have my NES and SNES, both of which are in perfect working condition. For games I lean more towards RPGs, and have actual "hard copies" of Final Fantasy (NES), Dragon Warrior (NES), Illusion of Gaia (SNES), Secret of Evermore (SNES), and Final Fantasy III [aka VI] (SNES). My favorite stuff is on the NES and SNES, but I also have a Nintendo 64, Gameboy Color, and PS1 (the little compact one). About me on other stuff: I'm a Cancer Astrological symbol, I'm of Irish descent (about 50% depending on the branches in the family tree), like cruising about the internet in general, and like watching anime on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim or Sci Fi Channel's AniMonday.
  14. Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but include the fact that you need to download a viewer (like ComicRack) in order to see the downloads. I just signed up and wasn't sure about how to open it up at first, but luckily I was able to find a thread/post that had the "how-to" in it. Maybe just stick that info somewhere "more visible".
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