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  1. Yeah, that would be awesome. I think it would look really nice on the wall scroll. How does the Unknown characters look on the actual proof. They are the only thing that seem kind of out of place. I think it is something about how exact the lines are that goes against the style. It is so hard to tell on computer images though. Of course you will have to lose the watermark ont he wall scroll
  2. Hey everyone, it has been a long time. I just wanted to see who was getting God of War III when it comes out tonight. If anyone is getting the Ultimate edition, I would be willing to work out a trade for the Dominus skin DLC that comes with it. I have collected all of the other DLC skins (even the Morpheous skin) and would be willing to trade. Sadly the Completionist in me didn't come out until after the Ultimate Edition was sold out everywhere. (Yes, I had to "cath them all"...multiple times). Anyway, the game looks really awesome and the Demo played like all God of War games should have. I am really looking forward to it. If my wife doesn't go into labor tonight, I should be able to get a partial review out to anyone who wants it.
  3. I really wish they had a freeware version of something like this. Looks like a phenomanly good idea...I just can't bring myself to spend that kind of money on it.
  4. I am almost positive current rules are that a commercial can be as loud as the loudest noise during the show. That is why, if you care to notice, commercials that are on during talk shows are remarkably quieter then those during movies (where you will inevitably get a gun shot or something insanley loud). I had to basicly mute my tv everytime they had a commercial after the Mythbusters episode where they blew up the cement truck. Apparently half of the commercials chose THAT noise to be their volume level. Almost blew out a speaker on the tv...
  5. Yeah, I am with you Thor. I have LOVED the zelda games (heck I own the CD-i games AND have purchased the original zelda everytime it was offered (even the Gamecube bonus disc that had it...Animal Crossing....and even WiiWare). I just could NOT get into the Phantom Hourglass...even though I loved WindWaker. I have seen nothing but great reviews for Spirit Tracks, but because of the fact that I could not get into the last one, I will probably pass on this.
  6. I am going to try and respond to this in the flow of the original post. NEVER play stick based fighters on the x360. It is a well known (in the fighting game arena) that you just can't use the x360 controllers at all. You are correct in the fact that their response time is so horrible you will throw the controller. This is based on how the x360 controllers are designed. Cammy is and always has been cheap. ESPECIALY when using her online where lag WILL be an issue. Seth is a bastard. Plain and simple, but I can not say with a straight face that he is any more difficult then Gil was. To counteract his stupid fast/multihit moves (and a throw that has insane reach) he is limited to only a few real moves (which can be blocked). I have literally seen Gil kill someone in like 3 seconds. Sagat is overpowered and everyone knows it. As for Blanka, that Low Heavy Punch has been doing crazy damage since the beginning...kind of a trademark for him. They have said before they just don't feel right adjusting/taking it out because of that. Online is online...people suck and will do anything to win/not get a lose. I have ranted on this before. As for BPs...well, they actually have a formula for that one (I will try to find it for you) but Basicaly, if you lose to someone with less points/rank then you...well you take a SERIOUS hit that takes days to recover from (VERY stupid inclusion). The unlocks in SFIV was COMPLETLY uncalled for. I like the idea of unlocking characters. I like unlocking endings/intros. Heck, I like unlocking clothing items, but there needs to be a system like Tekken where you get money along the way and you can buy stuff you haven't unlcoked (or it just unlcoks randomly over time). There are some characters (Guile) that I just have no intention of ever playing enough to pull off a normal 4 hit combo into a 17 hit super combo ending with an Ultra just to get his last color swap. So in the end, from one SF player to another, I feel your pain but things have been worse (Gil) and the game is a bit better on PS3 (controller) but there is a stupid amount of inborn button lag that slows SF down to a pace that isn't practicle and like you, I have lost the love I once shared with the game back in the SNES days.
  7. No...there is no way of even comparing the two. I was there for SFIV day 1 and even fought a few Sagat Fireball spammers. I almost miss Mario Kart Wii online where they fake the online thing all together. Even when you have green bars v. green bars as it is like playing someone with red bars (or no bars).
  8. I am a huge fan of the Tekken Series. I am probably one of the 5 best Forest/Marshall Law players in the country and have been playing the game since the very beginning. Needless to say I was excited about the thought that Tekken 6 was coming out and would (like Tekken 5 DR) have online play. I got the game the day it came out and tried the online play. It was crazy laggy (probably some of the worst lag in online fighting games anywhere). I gave the rest of the game a try (several offline modes) and decided to come back and try online again. This time I optimized my internet, router, etc to give me the best ping imaginable. Here are my thoughts: Playing Tekken 6 online is a lot like slamming your wang in a door. Yeah, it might seem like an awesome idea and heck, after a few drinks you might even want to invite friends to watch. BUT, seconds after you do it, you are in a world of pain and your joystick just doesn't seem to work right. Heck, nothing responds correctly to your touch. Only a glutton for pain or someone who is a complete idiot (or a fanboy who can't help but slam his wang in a door over and over again because someone else told him it was a good idea....not matter the long term damage to himself, his reputation, or even his ability to participate in society) would even consider doing it again. PLEASE fix this problem Namco...and soon. I know Namoc has claimed they are working on a patch, but this should never have even released with this kind of lag. They must have tested the "online" portion by connecting one PS3 directly to another...
  9. I had this problem for quite a while. The biggest thing is that you have and I mean HAVE to use a "Visa" branded card. It also has to be a straight up VISA credit card (not a debit card/credit card combo that takes money out of a checking account). Apparently the problem here isn't Sony but actually the 3rd party company that does the actual charging. In the very beginning the company got burned by people using fly by night credit cards and using debit cards (without the requried funds in their accounts). Because of this they took a hard stand on cards. It is also a good idea to call the credit card company (for the card you are using) and let them know what you are doing as well. A lot of credit card companys will stop an online transaction like this unless you have a history of online transactions (or call them first). So it could be a combination of those two things. I hope that helps.
  10. If you do a really good google search you should be able to find the fan made live action trailer for a PoP film. It makes that trailer look like Menos the Hand of Fate (for years the worst film of all time according to IMDB). I repeat - this film will blow. I just read an article where the director was talking about "boss battles" in the film and how he is "reinvisioning" PoP. These are two things that should never even come up in making a live action film based on a game, let alone bragged about. Again, reinvisioning and boss battles are perfect for cartoons and games, not for live action films. Watch and learn as more info/footage of this comes out. Remember...He-Man the live action movie was all about epic "boss battles" and a "reinvisioning" of Masters of the Universe set in a live action world. Even I have a hard time watching that film...and, of course, I have the power.
  11. Other than that it looks pretty FAIL. --- Fixed. Come on...Prince of Persia is one of those games that Does NOT translate to a live action. Maybe a cartoon (See Mega Man) but definently not a live action. Jake Gyllenhaal as an action superstar is kinda like Jim Carrey in a serious movie (See Cable Guy) or Adam Sandler in a multilanguage drama (See Spanglish). I could go on forever....this movie is destined for IMDBs bottom 20 of all time.
  12. Apparently the winner is Fox with Sherlock Holmes (the movie) http://www.boston.com/business/articles/2009/11/02/a_movie_now_sponsoring_foxs_family_guy_special/
  13. I read about this a few days ago. It is probably a good idea that Microsoft got out of this. It was definently one of those "WTF" moments. I am pretty sure the people at Microsoft hadn't actually watched Family Guy before. Don't get me wrong, I love the show and own it all on DVD, but it is not something Microsoft wants to be attached to as it tries to spread the "windows love" to all different age groups. I highly doubt Apple will want to be attached to it either. It would be a huge risk for them to pick up Microsofts sloppy seconds and have it not turn out really well (it would pay off IF it turned out well but hurt them SOOO much if it didn't). So they will most likley not take that chance. I think it would have to be a sponser that is geared mostly towards Teens/20 somethings. I think Sony might go for it with their PS3 brand as that is there demographic anyway.
  14. As many are aware, IGN is doing a "top 100" NES games story. Number 25 is Castlevania 2. Read the "fondest memory" portion. Not only is it true, but rather funny as well. (Most of us felt this exact way at some time) http://www.ign.com/top-100-nes-games/25.html
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