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  1. Why do you visit Retromags?

    For the gamepros!! :3 But also i want to thank you guys for making this site possible.
  2. New Release: Gamepro Issue 162 March 2002

    oh ok, btw after editing ...should i move the folder to another "editing folder" or let some1 know about it?. . im just wating for more gamepro files to edit. uploading any gamepro scan will summon me...... @Phillyman @KiwiArcader
  3. New Release: Gamepro Issue 162 March 2002

    Hi @E-Day, i've rechecked the original files and theres no missing pages at least from the original source and the numbers match. i downloaded twice... can you verify with @Phillyman any missing voucher or something?
  4. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    Hi kiwi, do you have any unscanned gamepro in your collection?
  5. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    Sega Visions Vol1-Num1 (June-July 1990).cbr not too large and easy to understand
  6. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    saw this issue in kiwis site. this one is about to be scanned. hope it isnt a problem. i'm guessing this would be fixed.(attached file) and now that im writing about pizza and microwave oven it reminds me... of my onimusha issue @E-Day xD
  7. E-day's Work In Progress

    Holy cow take care of it!! .... Btw do u have any missing gamepro laying around? looooool im editig missing issues
  8. E-day's Work In Progress

    $7,931 us!!!! o_0
  9. E-day's Work In Progress

    I understand..... .. . :( no onimusha gamepro for me or should i have hope T.T
  10. E-day's Work In Progress

    mmmmh how the others scan the gamepros? or is it because the scanner is different?. does reducing the speed works better? rotating the pages my help i can rotate in the editing if theres less info and you can start with the ones with few pages (2003-2005) after the one from onimusha lol i dont know about ADF so i may be writing nonsense. anyway i dont think it would look worse than this one
  11. E-day's Work In Progress

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! no way!! for the luv of the mag god! this would complete the 2000 collection... o god u need to do me a favor since i lke onimusha a lot...finished my first in 2010!!(saw the memory card) i would love to see this feb 2001 mag the one above the jan 97 gold mag its the one with onimusha cover!!! even if you can scan few pages a day and upload those pages bit a bitfor me to edit
  12. E-day's Work In Progress

    Can u taken pic of the issues u have?
  13. E-day's Work In Progress

    aaaaaaahhh! really? thanks!!! did i tell u i luv ur avi? <3
  14. Retromags Presents! Gamepro Issue 172 January 2003 Database Entry! Download Directly! Scanned by Phillyman. Edited by Melki