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  1. just out os curiosity. i saw this but im a console gamer... xD what game is it? for pc racing, combat... using hover bikes the game is from the 90s......3d 3 person view... you can shot ropes to the sides and can latch with other players...and the enviroment is mostly arena wth..
  2. Retromags Presents! The Ultimate Guide To Playstation Games (Gamepro Specials) Winter 1997 Database Entry! Download Directly! Scanned by Phillyman. Edited by Melki
  3. Version 1.0.0


    The Ultimate Guide To Playstation Games
  4. Retromags Presents! Gamepro Issue 170 November 2002 Database Entry! Download Directly! Scanned by Phillyman. Edited by Melki
  5. Version 1.0.0


    GamePro Issue 170 (November 2002). A double side poster have been included at the end of the file.
  6. Retromags Presents! Gamepro Issue 135 December 1999 Database Entry! Download Directly! Scanned by Phillyman. Edited by Melki All the 1999 issues are preserved now!
  7. Version 1.0.0


    GamePro December 1999 -Donkey Kong 64, Pokemon, Resident Evil 2 and 3, Wrestlemania 2000, Soul Calibur, Grandia, CTR, Final Fantasy Viii -Playstation 2
  8. For the gamepros!! :3 But also i want to thank you guys for making this site possible.
  9. oh ok, btw after editing ...should i move the folder to another "editing folder" or let some1 know about it?. . im just wating for more gamepro files to edit. uploading any gamepro scan will summon me...... @Phillyman @KiwiArcader
  10. Hi @E-Day, i've rechecked the original files and theres no missing pages at least from the original source and the numbers match. i downloaded twice... can you verify with @Phillyman any missing voucher or something?
  11. Hi kiwi, do you have any unscanned gamepro in your collection?
  12. Sega Visions Vol1-Num1 (June-July 1990).cbr not too large and easy to understand
  13. saw this issue in kiwis site. this one is about to be scanned. hope it isnt a problem. i'm guessing this would be fixed.(attached file) and now that im writing about pizza and microwave oven it reminds me... of my onimusha issue @E-Day xD