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  1. This was the only issue missing from 2004.!! Thanks!
  2. 2003 is now completed with this issue!! Thanks
  3. Wow Now we have all the Gamepros from 2001!!! Thanks a lot!!
  4. nice! if you need the gift card i think its better this way
  5. Hi....I would like to give a 75us psn card to an User who can help by buying this listing Gamepro Magazines 22 Book Lot | eBay and can send the mags to the user @bogusfrank located in US for scanning...the listing is close to the 75us with taxes i think.... i dont need the code and i'm just trying to help the community. thanks
  6. Hi. I don't own the physical copy myself but after seeing the scan there's no trace of those pages in the index/contents pages. probably those pages were part of a poster or a detachable comic/promotion... @bogusfrank can confirm it... or the expert here @E-Day ....because I'm just guessing here
  7. Melki

    GamePro Permissions

    i think he/she should be team member since he/she got a lot of Syzygy mags already edited/uploaded...
  8. Alright...this is new...
  9. Finally xD the 2001 gamepros hole is getting smaller. Thanks
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