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  1. 2 hours ago, Swizzle said:

    Stumbled upon this thread and it looks like the auction is almost over.  I put a $55 bid on it as I'm willing to fund & scan them but don't want to interfere if you have something worked out for them.

    Otherwise if you need to send them somewhere in the US to be forwarded elsewhere I'm happy to help with that as well.

    Hi. sorry i couldnt get an address to send it. i sent a msg to @E-Day...but it looks like its not available today.  what i wanted was.... well the same... buy it and get someone to scan it...thanks a lot and also can help if needed. 

  2. I have to agree with kitsunebi77, was the ultra 64 hyped? Yes, i didnt even want a psx, i, remember thinking that all the games has to be available for the 64 after release !plus mario!...then owning a 64 was terrible for me i was drooling for a psx and all those games and then the PS2s info showed up and i couldn't believe it was a game console plus dvd player and capable of run 20+ million of polygons( i thought "holy cow the games should look like toy story") everyone talked about it and then all my friends and i officially shifted from a nintendo console to a Sony console. Almost all the ppls wanted a psx for the games but everyone wanted a ps2 without even being launched 

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