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  1. either the contra series,well through to contra3 on the snes or playing raiden dx on my modded xbox.
  2. being a big shooter,i am really looking forward to thunderforce6 on the ps2(release date sept30th).i also hope that raiden4 gets released worldwide as its staring to grate at me that the 360 seems to be the console of choice over in japan for all thse shmups that are coming out but i cant play them.microsoft why on earth did you not make the 360 region free. other 360 shooters i want. dodonpachi/ketsuix raiden fighters aces otomedius g rtype dimensions(which is getting released worldwide on xbla.)
  3. Hi my name is xcaliburand been a gaming nut for a long time now.i started with a c64 and havent looked back. consoles i own snes sega saturn ps2 gamecube modded xbox1 psp dreamcast xbox 360 and a tonne of games......not enough time to play any of tham.