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  1. The best way in my opinion is to download the issue from Retro Mags, and then print it off the computer. Thats what I do except I print smaller versions so I don't waste ink and I can stare at all of them while im playing my games
  2. Thats the one I was looking for. Thanks so much!
  3. Look, I know I shouldn't be doing this but I really need help and well Nintendo Power don't exacly have people sitting around and letting you cheat the right way anymore and Google isnt being very helpful so I have to turn to you guys. In Metroid, for the NES, how can you unlock doors? Specifically the one at the top of the first hallwayish thing. Like when you start off and you go right untill you come to this really really long stairwell type of thing and at the top, they're is this locked door. How can you unlock it and same goes for all of the other locked doors in Metroid (ex. The Long Beam cage) I honestly really need help on this so if anyone knows please post here. Thanks!
  4. I am going to re-do mine/update 5. Call of Duty 4 4. Portal 3. Half-Life 2 2. Bioshock 1. Halo 3 Don't be all like "Wow. Halo 3 is so old. Call of Duty 4 ftw" Well its a game I can play for hours and hours on end. Thats why its #1
  5. I am a Retro gaming freak but ive never played the Mega Man 9 games so I think ill pass on this one and save my money for other stuff *cough* Halo 3 expansion and Gears 2 *cough*
  6. As the 1 year anniversery of Halo 3 today, Bungie announced what they didn't announce at E3. The expansion to Halo 3. The trailer came out today, it doesnt reveal anything, it just shows what is to believed to be Metropolis, a city on earth that was attacked and destroyed in Halo 2, being attacked by in my opinion, space pods with Convenent in them. It is probably just that part of the game through someone elses eyes or something like that. Check out the trailer http://www.bungie.net/ EDIT: When I re-watched the trailer in HD, I spotted a few Traxus buildings, which was the company that found The Ark in Halo 3. But, post what you see here.
  7. Does anyone know when the XBA game is coming out? Portal: Still Alive
  8. It can be both Current or Retro so thats why its here. 5. Super Mario Bros. 3 4. Portal 3. Half-Life 2 2. Call of Duty 4 1. Bioshock Now you.
  9. I really want to see this but I saw Step Brothers in the end. Step Brothers was alright but I would have rather seen Tropic Thunder. It doesnt look like my kind of movie but it got good ratings so I guess ill check it out on DVD.
  10. Portal is the 5th greatest game 4th greatest game EVER. It is AMAZING. I picked up the Orange Box by recommendation by a friend and wow, I LOVE it. Portal is just amazing. I also beat it in one day but its not that challenging. That was my concern, that it would be challenging but its actually pretty easy and as fun as heck.
  11. Haha! Didn't P-Diddy want free fuel to fly from LA to New York in his Private Jet or something? Anyway, I agree with E-Day. I know someone from Dubai and they HATE the cold and they said they never want to come back to canada because its too cold.
  12. Don't you mean "A Link to the Past?"
  13. Umm no its a... lets just keep it at that shall we? In the US its like $60 im pretty sure and plus tax is like almost $70. But yeah, since its only the game it might be 40 but I heard 70 so I dunno
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