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  1. Well, I anxiously await the move.
  2. Well, I made the 5 dollar donation, and am waiting for someone to upgrade my membership. I put something in the shoutbox but nothing yet.
  3. Well, theres a large amount of forums that people can post in. So I figure having some sort of incentive to post would increase forum activity. For example. Some forums have some scoring system, and you can use those points towards things.
  4. Well, to me it is very obvious. Obama will win. McCain choosing a woman as a running mate shows me that McCain is looking to draw people away from Obama. I think a part of what makes Obama a fascinating candidate is the fact that he isn't white. And that is one large reason I want him to win. It'll make a nice change of pace and Obama is so far the only black candidate that could pull off the win, just as Hillary is the only woman that can pull off a presidential bid. Hillary was unfortunate as she happened to run at the same time as Obama. If it wasn't for Obama Hillary would of gotten the democratic nomination.
  5. You really could use some Gamefan scans around here. Theres only 2 magazines scanned. It's a really great magazine too.
  6. That cover is great nostalgia. It's great Capcom did that rather than the expected anime inspired cover.
  7. This thing really needs to become a pack-in. Or built into future wi-fi remotes. I mean, a wiimotion plus switch can be added easily.
  8. Yeah, but this promotion was to increase forum activity. I'm not sure how active it was before. But to me it seems fairly active. And it's more fun to converse with a multitude of people.
  9. That little promotion you guys got going now is great. I don't know if you guys wanna expand it but I think that you should do it again sometimes soon. In the meantime I have a suggestion. You should do something similar at all times. Say 2 posts, or any set number gives a free download. If 2 is to small then set it higher, like 5.
  10. MathUser


    Well, it would be good if the site itself was editable as the wiki is, cause we can help fill out the stuff that the guy that submitted the scan was too lazy to add. Some pages are just blank with only a download available.
  11. Golden Eye Mario Kart 64 MK trilogy that's my faves really.
  12. If they made one it would really have to be CG, not live action.
  13. I was really against the 8-bit thing at first. It was confusing. I was hoping it would at least be 16-bit. But now I'm looking forward to it. I probably won't play it, but I wanna see it and read about it.
  14. Battletoads is surely the most difficult. There was a few tough games that I got almost to the end on with practice, but not battletoads. Even the secret warps only let you preview different levels, they don't really help you get far on your own.
  15. Possibly one of the more disapointing gmes I've played was Sonic Jam. I knew the reviews said dont buy it for Sonic world. But I expected more. I wasn't yet the type to get nostolgic for old games so it didn't seem as great a package to me.
  16. I'd only want carts if they could be created cheaply and have size comparable to DVD's or Blu-rays. That probably won't be possible so I'll stick with optical media. I'm used to load times.
  17. My favorite/most played game is definately Sonic the Hedgehog 1.
  18. Well, a quarter wasn't that bad when games cost 50 dollars on average. But nowdays you got to pay 1 or 2 dollars to play a game but you can buy a game for 10 in a pawn shop, or 20 for brand new. I'm glad home technology finally caught up to arcades. I always hated how home ports were inferior to the arcade counterparts. Now we can play stuff at homes.
  19. Back in the day we used to try to find the "Dragon Power" for every system. That was the title we would give to the worst game we could find on a system. That was an exaggeration tho, there's worst games I've played, like Robocop 2. Robocop 2 had afew reddeming qualities but Robocop had crisco on his feet or something cause when you stop moving he continues sliding a bit. And it usually caused cheap deaths.
  20. Dragon Warrior was the first RPG I played and I didn't like it one bit. Not until I tried part 4. Then I went back and played part 1 and loved it. I think the RPG that is nearest to my heart is Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. It was something. It was from a time I was sort of on my own without anyone to play RPG's with. And it was great from beginning to end.
  21. Guess I didnt' introduce myself, so here I am. No, don't get up.
  22. I think it could be interesting to have a few non-english magazines. They sometimes have interesting proto screenshots.
  23. Double Dragon for MS was a pile. Sure it had arcade like layout and 2 player simultaneous play, but that didn't make it a good game. The enemies often scored cheap hits. Collision detection wasnt that great. Otherwise, I don't find MasterSystem so remarkable, aside from the Sonic game ports it got. It did have PS1, which I never played, and also a port of Rastan. I think Rastan could of possibly saved the system for me if I knew about it as a kid.
  24. I think my first subscription was EGM, but I know others were pretty memorable. Gameplayers was lol wacky. I never really liked Gamepro. I enjoyed Sega Visions until less interesting games started coming out. I can't remember if I had a Gamefan subscription, but it was a great magazine.
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