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  1. Nicely done! A lot of possibilities for the gallery, looking forward to seeing it grow.
  2. Very cool. My young daughter loves her slinky, so the tradition lives on, I'm glad to say. And hey, it's one of the few things from our childhood that we don't have to lay down big bucks on ebay for. That's pretty big when you think of it that way, what a lasting impact this toy has had. And they definitely do not make commercials like that anymore.
  3. Very cool. I actually stopped using Facebook a while back but this may tempt me back in. Nice work!
  4. I still haven't even played the first. For some reason I'm always years back of current gen. :(
  5. Hmm well I've gotta say, in no particular oder... Castlevania (any game in the series pretty much) ActRaiser Rygar (NES, not sure why but it stands out as being entertaining to my friend and I while we played it) Clock Tower (particularly the PSX version, very creepy)
  6. Solomon's Key. Great game but very hard, but then again there were TONS of tough games back then, due to the fact that controls were often shoddy lol.
  7. Myself, I was born in 1978, and first played the Vectrex and Colecovision before moving through the Atari and NES phases. Glory days.
  8. My first subsrciption was also Nintendo Power, followed by Game Player's. I also recall having a subsricption at that time to a really cool horror movie magazine (not Fangoria) and comic book news-style magazine, but can't recall what the names were. I only mention them to say that I loved the magazines back then, much better than today's.
  9. I went nuts over Final Fantasy III when it came out for snes. At the time, the game was mindblowing, and it had story elements no other game had even come close to having in that period. Oddly enough as I read this post, I'm just now going back to the beginning of the series. Though to be honest the comments about the psp versions intrigue me...My daughter has a DS but I don't play it much and I've never touched a psp in my life so am unaware as to how good the improvements to these games are. I guess I'm hoping for some sort of mega boxed set of the whole series on one of the next gen systems. That would be nice.
  10. Hey cool thank you. I love shows that look back on the good old days. They never usually say anything you didn't already know, but man is it good to reminisce lol.
  11. lol man I remember how the issues back then kept getting more and more humongous, it was great.
  12. Glad someone mentioned Sweet Home. Awesome, awesome stuff.
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