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    North Carolina
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    gamez(of course), skateboardin'...and http://forum.whiteone.us
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    Playstation 3

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    retrogames(mainly snes and psx), Soul Calibur 4(pS3), Unreal Tournament 3 (ps3)
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    FFVII and SFA3(PSX)...SMW, LoZ:L2Tpast(SNES)

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  1. collardz


    im new and i have no say so like expert member..but if peeps are ging to up things, they might as well do tha stuf 100%
  2. i actually have PSM issues starting at issues 10-11 and up until present (PTOM)...ive been in a financial bind lately...im also needin' a scanner...it shouldnt be long now(2-3 weeks)!!...............(english magz of course( no less))
  3. like pharmdogg said... rez ev 2...and then rez ev 4...!
  4. SMB...so hard, neva had second thoughts about takin' da warp zone in undrworld lvl(s)!!
  5. what about OOT Master Quest for N64(EUR(PAL)
  6. nice collection....yo philly if u need backup of those 3 zelda cdi games, i got ur back!
  7. i hate 2 spoil dis but jak nicklson is a natural for Joker...da 1st Bman movie was da shat...!....so i say michael Keaton!....(go figure)
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