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  1. First Super Mario Bros 3 Then Super Mario Land Then Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins Then Super Mario Bros (i didnt like it that much on the NES but after years i finished it at last on the SNES in All-Stars).
  2. I owned at Smash TV. It took me a long time to master it because it was a hard game, but the more i played it, the more skilled i got. It also had some benefits being good at Smash TV. My friends always liked to play with me because i would save their butts all the time:p
  3. I gave it a 9. - Great graphics (who needs a x360 or ps3 with superior graphics when you can have mario on the wii?) - Fluid controlls: just like Mario 64, the controls are spot-on - Superb sound: it has some great tunes and sound effects, but sometimes it gets annoying (though i doubt you will get annoyed when you play only 2hours or so in a row). - Creativity: great platformdesign I didnt gave it a 10 because i think SuperMarioBros3 is the best Mariogame so i cant give this a perfect 10:p
  4. Yeah, but its a fase you know. Back in the day, 2D sidescrollers ruled the gaming market, now its shooters. But alot people are saying 2009 is gonna be the year of the fighter. So maybe fighting games will be the next dominate genre.
  5. The first game was great, the factory chapter blew me away (the rain and darkness, then the small corridors inside coupled with the creepy sounds, pure genius). Hope this one also includes a silent, tense chapter but from the looks of it, it'll be more actionpacked.
  6. Loved it 2. Its something fresh. And they could have just made room after room after room but instead they got creative and created a story behind it with a great ending.
  7. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Super Mario Bros 3 Perfect Dark (N64)
  8. I love the Power Glove. It's so bad...indeed it was Lucas, indeed it was.
  9. For some reason i found Contra (Probotector) hard to complete. I was probably to young or something but i kept dying even with the Spreadgun. Another game that i found hard was Jurassic Park... Never got past the Triceratops :'(
  10. Also voted for the Virtual Boy. I mean, it's Nintendo, how could the failed so much. A company that now outsells the X360 and the PS3, that dominated the gaming market with the SNES, that brought home-gaming back alive with the NES, that brought us the Gameboy and DS, etc... The Virtual Boy is just a kick in the nuts for all Nintendolovers.
  11. I loved the Metroid's resque at the end. The Screwattack upgrade i loved. And the entire soundtrack!
  12. I prefer Cartridges, yeah i know optical is way better but come on, i just wanna ram my game in the console and start playing. I dont wanna be carefull with a cd and gently place it in the console, then to wait 3minutes loading and then start playing. And how cool is it to watch which game is plugged in your SNES or N64
  13. 1. Super Mario Bros 3: one of the best games ever made, it can be frustrating at times but the addictiveness keeps you going. 2. Contra (Probotector in my case): Best shooter ever! Insanely fun co-op and the Spreadgun!!! 3. Super Mario Bros: This one is great but after playing SMB3 its genius has faded a little. 4. The Legend of Zelda: A great adventure game that just dropped you in on the action. 5. Megaman 2: Nice action, great controlls, a very enjoyable game. 6. Tetris: A game that still is pure fun. 7. Battletoads: hard as hell but oh so addictive. 8. Metroid: An epic adventure and a cool ending:p 9. Punch-out: a great game but Tyson was hard as hell to defeat... 10. Batman: Game had spot-on controlls and was just fun to play.
  14. Resident Evil 5, cant wait 'till it comes out. I looooved RES4 on the Gamecube (i'm still playing it) so i will no doubt buy RES5
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