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  1. Literally: How do I give scans to Retromags

    ...well, that's been a whole thing. Anyway, since I normally distribute as PDF on my site, here's a CBR preview for you--note that I didn't do a ton of manual correction on these in terms of skew (because, as you probably guessed with the OCR comment, I'm mainly interested in bulk extracting text.)メガドライブFan 1990-12.cbr?dl=0 If that works, I'll send over the rest to you all to mirror as well.
  2. Literally: How do I give scans to Retromags

    The magazines were acquired myself and then scanned, yes.
  3. Literally: How do I give scans to Retromags

    Hey there! I have about 45 full magazine scans (~250MB-350MB), all Japanese, OCRed, that I want to give to you guys (if only because my hosting setup can't handle the OCRed versions and someone should have them.) I've tried to use your "Create+" function, but the titles don't even exist in your Publication DB and it seems there's no real recourse to getting them. What would you all like me to do to get these to you?