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  1. My New Computer

    Set up VNC as a service and it'll start every time windows starts. I do this with 2 other computers (I have 3 servers all being controlled from one) and in the past 3 months it hasn't let me down yet.
  2. Detox Clinic For Video Addicts

    Hasn't anyone learned the easy way to break someone's gaming habit? Steal the power cord. They might replace it, but you can steal it over and over again!
  3. Never Have I Wanted To Kill Mario!

    Yeah, and I wonder what high school computer class designed that DS release too...looks like crap to me. Another way for Nintendo to keep on sucking the public dry with their ancient franchise.
  4. "super Nintendo Kid"

    The funniest thing I see in that picture is the fact that he LOOKS proud to be posing with all that gear!
  5. Top 10 Reasons to Relaunch IGN Dreamcast

    And what, their first reviews weren't good enough? IGN just wants to get some more traffic is all and they figure they can take the very-much-alive DC scene and turn them into loyal readers. IGN can kiss my butt, that site is 95% advertisements and paid reviews, its like an online Yellow Pages and somewhere in there is a few piss-poor written reviews hidden underneath 50 flash ads.
  6. Raided - Servers Seized

    I still prefer Usenet, I've been using it for almost 7 years now and its gets everything I want/need. I'm sure the learning curve is a bit steep at first but once you understand how it works and get yourself a good premium news provider, you're set.
  7. Instead Of Buying Real Magazines,

    LOL, you didn't just see the big screen TV his girlfriend just bought? You think phillyman makes that kind of money working at Kinko's? (j/k, couldn't resist)
  8. Gamecube Component Video Cable$

    They didn't stop putting component output on the gc afaik, same plug just different connectors and wiring. Like SAV said though, they're increasingly hard to come by nowadays, but you could probably find some 3rd party quality cables from other companies. I know Monster Cable made a composite cable for the GC (red/yellow/white), but I know they didn't make component cables for GC.
  9. Luigi's Eating Disorder?

    But that's too obvious!!! Celebs live in the limelight and make you think they're doing something, and behind your back they're doing something else. Schrooms would be hallucinogenic and wouldn't help his accuracy for jumping around too much, he'd stumble and fall everywhere. He'd definitely have to be doing rails to keep bouncing around like that all the time!!! He's always jacked!
  10. Raided - Servers Seized

    I think I used their site for maybe 5 torrents, and it was always a "fingers crossed" and hope you get the files before all the seeders screw off on you. Knowing how sites like that operate, they most likely have the backup server off-site and will just turn it on after they re-locate to another facility. It's akin to a drug dealer moving to a different corner of the avenue...your fix is still there you just gotta walk a bit farther.
  11. What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    Err...there's nothing really to beat in the game, its that bad (and easy). Trust me 101% this is something you just do NOT want to play if you have played even a few of the other Zelda's. I think a vote should be called to see if the CD-i versions of Zelda should be buried beside the few million E.T. cartridges in the Atari landfill!
  12. Samsung 56" Dlp Hdtv = Super Nice

    Considering myself a rather avid A/V junkie, even I won't be buying into the BD/HD war that's brewing already. I have about the same number of movies you do and I have a lot of watching still to do! I'll only be interested when one of the formats is available for the PC in the higher capacity range (~50gb per disc) and has dropped in price. 25gb discs just doesnt cut it for me, regardless of price. I would love to take my archive and squeeze it down to 10% of its original size rather than 20%. Although probably by the time I get around to doing that, you'll be able to find 500gb hard drives in boxes of Cracker Jacks.
  13. Samsung 56" Dlp Hdtv = Super Nice

    Ah yes, I will show my unit as well, but forgive the crummy resolution, I don't have a digital camera so I had to use my dvd camcorder's snapshot mode to take it. It's a 36" Sony Wega Hi-Scan Trinitron FD (KV36HS510). As you can see, the picture's very bright even for the cruddy snapshot I took. The only reason I went with this is that it was the best CRT on the market, its perfect for console gaming, and price was right too, got it for a hella discount on clearance. Here's an actual "official" pic of it (although small, and not even on Sony's website anymore): **addon** Ah yes, I also forgot to mention that it weighs in at a measly 236 LBS. Trust me, moving it off a moving truck, into the house, down a flight of stairs and across a 20' room is NOT fun. That's when you really appreciate how much a rear-projection or lcd/plasma weighs.
  14. Samsung 56" Dlp Hdtv = Super Nice

    If I had to replace my Pioneer deck, i'd run out and try the following: Sony DVP-NS70H (only one minor inconvenience of a 2-pixel wide bar at the very top of the screen in full-screen mode) or, Philips DVP5960/37 I say "try", since most retailers have a return policy of 7-14 days and should give you enough time to test it out to make sure you enjoy it. Remember, all upscaling really does is make the image look a bit sharper in higher resolution, its still a low-grade DVD with the annoyances of compression and jaggies. Component is the best analog signal available, and having the best component cables will give you the best analog output if you're not using HDMI. I use it on my DVD player to my TV and the playback is incredible on my Pioneer 578a deck. If you want to do upscaling with your hdmi-upscaling dvd player, you'll need to have an HDMI connection anyway. HDMI is better since its pure digital, and makes the biggest improvement on colour output and a rock-solid stable image on the screen. If you're moving up from s-video, its like night and day. Not at all. 20-25 feet is a typical "long" cable length and HDMI and DVI can both go that long without loss of signal (glitches). There are cables that can even go up to 50 feet but you'll pay a lot more for them and they can be harder to find (since they aren't usually needed by most consumers). The only thing I can say is buy quality cables from a good "certified" HDMI manufacturer (there's only a few that are certified: Monster, Sony, JAE, Audio Technica and a few others). IF you have to pay retail price for a 20-25' cable, expect to pay probably up to $200 for the best, and around $125 for the mid-line. Be sure you know the difference between DVI-A (analog) and DVI-D (digital), and check which one is on your video card before buying a cable to match. Buying the wrong one (the pin-outs look almost identical) will result in no output. Remember, in the end it all depends on the original source material as to how good it looks on the tv. If you have quality connections between all source and output, it'll make anything look as good as its supposed to. Its not going to make a 30 minute 50mb AVI look stellar! I assume you're downloading Hi-Def digital content (probably from a 1080i source such as hi-def tv episode captures).
  15. Luigi's Eating Disorder?

    I'd ask the question many people here remember playing Mario Bros. on the 2600? I yearned for the arcade-quality graphics but the 2600 just couldn't deliver that promise (in hindsight of course, but who were we to know that someday we could have better?). I typically spent most of my time back in the pre 8-bit days in the arcades, since nothing in my mind at home was better than the arcades and the best games were always there. Maybe poor old Luigi is a lot older than his brother is and the symptoms of old age are creeping up on him, or what I think is he collected way too many coins during the bonus levels and rather than bank it away for future use like his brother Mario did so he could by his way to success, Luigi used it to buy cocaine and then became a heroin addict later on. Muahahaha....