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  1. All Users (new & Old) Please Read Here!

    May i ask why there the 5 year scan rule is in effect for 9 and a half months? at first i thought the rule was so nintendo would not sue sharing the newer issues but that cant be if its only in effect for 9 and a half months i like that after that we can collect the every magazine of nintendo power and have a complete collection:) Is it for 9 and a half months as that is how long it takes to scan them? Will the collection be complete before going on to another magazine? Thanks for the info also this is not a complaint just curious about the 9 and a half month thing.
  2. Famitsu Scans?

    Anyone seen any magazine scans of Famitsu? its a very popular top game magazine in japan would love this. i have found these : but edonkey does not like to play nice with my computer wish i could find them else where found some here also i cant seem to find scans of this mag being shared anywhere except edonkey type p2p programs.
  3. Nintendo Ds/gba Formatted Media Forum

    Moonshell DS DPG Video Format atleast for ferris bueller i havent tried it myself as i dont see a point on watching videos on my psp let alone my ds screens to small.
  4. Recommended/best Nds/gba Flash Cart Pack

    i recomend the m3 mini sd perfect adapter and passcard 2 the m3 is great but supercard is also good the m3 is a little better but more expensive. Right now at there selling the m3 mini sd perfect and passkey 2 for 79.99 you still need a mini sd card. The passcard 2 is the best though if you get a supercard i would still get the passcard 2 its smaller the size of a nds game and works great with the nds litle so does the passkey 2 and superpass 2 but there bigger and need programing unlike the passcard 2. However the passcard 2 is 30-34 bucks as they use a real nds game to make it. I dont recomend just going to google and picking a place to buy these things go on what people recomend and if you dont want to use the sites people here recomend go to and make sure the company has good reviews and is not going to take your money and run. Its also good to use a credit card to order so that way if you do get ripped off you can make a claim on your card and get your money back. As far as the psp emulator goes there is not a emulator as good as the pc version as you have alot more power with a pc then a psp however snes Snes Tyl V0.4.2 plays games great and i never have any problems. If you have a psp or are getting one make sure to try and get firmware version 1.5 as it will let you play the biggest selection of homebrew out there. You can also get 2.0 and downgrade to 1.5 just dont get a psp with firmware 2.01 or above cause then you get really limited on what you can do with it. You can check the upc codes on the boxs at your local store and tell by them what version of firmware it has type in google this and find the upc pics to compaire. Dont order from a big online company go to a small local shop who is more likley to have older stock with lower firmware. Also there are not many good emulators for the ds like there are the psp so i recomend using your psp for emulation. Dont expect good results with emulators for the ds as of right now. Also i dont recomend buying form that guy just to get roms ( roms are free and should not require you to pay to get them as they illegal to begin with and then someone selling them on top of that is just nuts im not saying i do or dont have a problem with anyone using them but they do not cost anything what people pick to do with there game systems is up to them but you should never have to pay to get roms ) trust me roms are easy to find and someone who is selling a nds cart with roms is shady and likley to rip you off please use a more trusted source i understand you want roms but this is not how to go about it. Order from someone who you can trust or you might end up burned. Anyone selling a nds or gba flash cart with roms is not someone you can trust!!!! Maybe there is a rare people who will not rip you off but i have been buying backup systems for a long time and this is just not how it is done. if you want more info about what games have been made for the nintendo ds try or a newsgroup account. Please dont get from this guy i know how it is to get scammed and trust me its not fun.
  5. I Could Use Some Help.........again.

    I also recomend vlc it is one of the best players out there! I used it for mostly everything i play.
  6. Will Wii Sharing Be Possible?

    Im sure it will be hacked every system out has been the xbox360 scene is starting to look really good. I am not a xbox fan at all but just saying its going to happen even if it takes as long as gamecube did it will happen.
  7. Nintendo Ds/gba Formatted Media Forum

    Farris beullers day off is in alt.binaries.emulators.nintendo.ds
  8. Best 2d Mario Platformer?

    I love NEW super mario bros ( if you dont have it grab it! ) but i voted for super mario world.
  9. The Big Torrent: How Much Can You Seed?

    Ok thank you MrSlayer glad im not to late as i have been downloading/uploading for days as this looks like a very good torrent. Im so glad to have found it thanks phillyman for making this and to everyone else who helped with it its great to have a way to look at all these older mags and the new ones. I get some of my mags from zino but i only get a few as they dont have a big selection of game mags none i like anyways. great way to save these mags for the future!
  10. The Big Torrent: How Much Can You Seed?

    Am i to late for this torrent? I have not see the seeder/seeders much so im guessing that is because the torrent has been around for awhile? I have uploaded 30 gigs but no one seems to have more then 55% or so and no seeders.