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  1. recall the days u when u were 11 or so and write about the first game that u have totally mastered, describe something that u did in the game to provve ur mastery? i would have to say street fighter 2 (champion edtion) , what happened is that i started playing with my older cousin and i started pulling of the 2 punch then dragon punch combo without any problems and at any time i wanted to of course unless he wasnt blocking like a vagina (pardon my language). thats when i just knew that i have already mastered it . it also felt so good beatin my older cousin with style.
  2. what part of super Metorid did u like the best ,whether its a cut scene or stage anything ? (as long as it is in super Metroid) three things 1) the mother brain soundtrack after she gets the body attachment. 2) the Ridley fight , it just pumped me up there was no strategy for me it was just a slug fest, hit him with all of wat u have got. 3) the hatchling Metroid when it came and saved me that was so kool
  3. when i was a kid , i remember the aliens form the contra series my brother use to reach to that stage and my heart will just start racing. i really didnt sleep that night after he played that level from contra 1. and the beating heart just scared the crap out of me.
  4. btw i watched all of them except for the Sony vs Nintendo , i have to say theses guys have made there research. what i love about them is that they are not bias they just hit with straight facts and stories. thanx a lot for the link man.
  5. unfortunately the arcades have been of the the recipe of entertainment theses days , people these days want to experience longer more involving stories. Its a shame , i mean don't get me wrong its kool and all that we have releases such as Zelda and Mario and i can not forget my favorite Metroid, but still thought i miss the days that can go into the arcade and face to face own this noob at street fighter 2 or king of fighter. unfortunately the only places that u can find arcades in these days is some old place that is about to close here in we have one arcade in the city. :angry: :angry:
  6. ghosts n ghoblins , gave me a hell of a time and up until this day i havent finished it , the last level i could remeber getting to is the god forsaken place the castle where it tells u to get the speacial wepon. what ashame never got to save that princess
  7. ok, i love the metroid franchise and to me gumpie yoko (RIP) was one of the greatest game makers, so in continuation to metorid 4 or as it is called fusion, i wish if they revive the metroids by using a blood sample of samus arans blood since she has some metroid DNA in her. i always imagined mother brain to make come back bt with much more powerful wepons i mean its kool and that she had the body in metroid 3 but stil thought i thought the body would make a comeback and then the head would like deattach and the will float and that alone will be like whole new boss fight. thats all i could think of right now.
  8. hey wasup u guys btw thank u alot retromags for this awsome website, anyways i was woundering deos anybody know where i cam fond some strategy guides from some of the retro games like street fighter 2 or metroid and iam not talking about the 2 page guides that u find in nintendo power or game game pro even thought they r a bit kool (thanks for the guys that upload the magzines)
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