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  1. - Donkey Kong Country (1 & 2) - Super Metroid - Zelda - A link to the past - Chrono Trigger - Killer Instinct - Super Mario World 2 - yoshi's Island - Final Fantasy 4 (and 6) -Star Fox All for Snes
  2. It's an old school game! Nice to play but is a bit hard
  3. 1- Donkey Kong Country 2- Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 3- Killer Instinct 4- Super Mario World 2 5- Super Mario RPG 6- Crhono Trigger 7- Donkey Kong Country 2 8- Super Mario World 9- NBA Hang Time 10- Mario Kart
  4. My favorite is the 1st Resident Evil! The 4th is good too
  5. I'm so happy about this game, I never got to play for snes .
  6. Could it be mario is missing?
  7. The music is awsome, the graphics are great and so is the game play, it mas the first 24 mgs in the Snes.
  8. I love FF specially the period between Snes and PS1. The last ff are very simillar
  9. The Snes is the best console ever!!! The colors, graphics and sound are so marvelous!!! I love the Snes because represent my childhood!!
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