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  1. That is terrible... can't see how anyone could stand the carving part let along peeling the skin off. Guess some people have a higher pain tolerance than most, or just super drunk.
  2. I'm still fairly new around here but from what I've seen in the posts and of the work he's put out I can say he truly deserves this promotion... CONGRATS MEPPI!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Found this today while browsing Youtube, thought it was an interesting find...
  4. I would like to see that one in here someday, i'd love to read it
  5. Found this today while surfing youtube thought it was an interesting concept.
  6. that's gotta hurt and be very embarrassing to be found dead with your rod in your hand
  7. paid $3.64 a gallon for 89 grade in Fargo, ND today
  8. Hard Drink: Wiskey shots Mixed Drink: Jack and Coke Beer: Heineken
  9. Mine is the 1st Resident Evil game when those dogs crashed through the windows behind me in the halway I actually jumped... I also love the storyline to this game alot.
  10. Being this a video game magazine website I'm sure you've all read the ads and reviews for a game before you got it and it was super hyped up and was sure to be the best game you ever played. So my question is what game were you so excited to get and then you finally got it and it turned out to not be as fun as you thought it should be. Mine was Silent Service, it is a decent game that I think i'd enjoy more nowadays, but back then games like Super Mario Brothers and Spy Hunter were my thing, so Silent Service seemed too slow of a game than I thought it would be.
  11. I'm John 33 years old, I run a local coffee shop here in Fargo, ND, I was looking for scans of full mags of old Ninetendo Powers as I miss my old collection that I lost to a flood in my basement apartment years ago, I remeber reading them as a kid and dreaming about what it would be like to play all the games in the issues and I always had a huge wish list of games I wanted. Now that i'm older I have tons of games for different systems and still collect old carts that I don't have and also use emulators to try out the games I always wanted to play but couldn't get yet. So once again thanx for this site you'll be seeing me around here for as long as this site is around!!!!
  12. Seeing as to how I make my living as a coffee shop manager I would say I couldn't live without coffee seriously lol, although without chocolate I can't make a mocha, ahhh well I like caramel lattes better anyways.
  13. Super Mario Brothers 1 was the first I ever beat, being I had to save up to buy my own NES back in 1988 and I was only 13 at the time so it took awhile to save up for another cart so SMB 1 and Duck hunt was all I for awhile and I beat it finally in early 89, I remember running around the house saying look what I did I beat Mario!! My parents where like ummmm ok and my sister's called me a liar lol. Fun times
  14. What are your all time favorite RPG's from any system... Mine are 1. Crystalis 2. Chrono Trigger 3. Secret Of Mana 4. Final Fantasy 1 5. Final Fantasy 7 6. Phantasy Star 2 7. Legend Of Mana 8. Chrono Cross 9. Saga Frontier 10. Tales Of Destiny
  15. What was the 1st RPG game you played and did you beat it back then, beat it later on in life or have never completed it?? Mine was Crystalis for the NES and yes after a few hard months of playing it I did actually beat the game.
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