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  1. Super Mario RPG Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Mortal Kombat 2 Super Mario Brothers 3 Donkey Kong Country
  2. I have: Nintendo (x2) - 88 Games Super Nintendo - 45 Games Nintendo 64 - 19 Games Gameboy Color - 2 Games Playstation - 59 Games Playstation 2 - 17 Games Xbox - 5 Games Gamecube - 11 Games
  3. Mine are: Family Guy Aqua Teen Squidbillies Cops
  4. I just noticed a nes reproductions site called NES Reproductions Is there any other sites out there that do about the same thing with old carts that were not released. Just curious.
  5. Thats easy in Resident Evil 2 when the dogs bust through the windows in front and behind you.
  6. Those are amazing numbers. What a great site no wonder so many people are joining.
  7. I installed and don't notice it at all. I'm up to one unit mark currently.
  8. Thats a cool book. I just wish that the webmaster wouldn't of removed the zoomed in photos.
  9. I believe that they should keep it as it was for the Snes. I'm sure based off this post most Ds owners haven't gotten a chance to play this amazing game.
  10. Not a fan of this revamp. The original game was great but ported to many times. This is annoying to watch.
  11. I like the Sin City look of it, excellent. Should be a good title.
  12. 1. Super Mario Brothers 2. Pacman 3. Cruisin Usa 4. X-Men 5. Mortal Kombat II 6. NBA Jam 7. The Simpsons 8. Tekken 3 9. Galaga 10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game
  13. To get a 10/10 you should be bring out a game that almost redefines a system. Did it do that nope same idea from previous games. Improved graphics are all that sequels to sequels have anymore.
  14. I own a Dell Inspiron E1505 Laptop running Windows XP. It's over a year old but doing fine. I just remember my first desktop running Windows 98. With 2 Mb of hard drive space. Those were the days. Thank god for laptops.
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