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  1. 1. Super Mario Brothers 2. Halo 3. Final Fantasy VII 4. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 5. Dr. Mario
  2. In Indiana its at 3.99 a gallon for 87 grade
  3. Level 1 - Blaster Master Level 1 - Castlevania Chill - Dr. Mario Underwater Theme - Super Mario Brothers Song A - Tetris
  4. CSI Cold Case Family Guy Aqua Teen
  5. Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Aniston Christina Aguilera Jessica Simpson Christina Milian
  6. I'm becoming a fan of chiptek. Composed with two gameboys. Check it out 8bit Peoples
  7. Alaska doesn't have many people to start with. It sucks up there and the goverment gives them money to live there. Where else in the world do you get paid to live somewhere.
  8. Obama in the end it doesn't matter were all going to keep getting raped by the oil companies no matter whos in office.
  9. Super Mario Brothers Strikers Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
  10. Michael Keeton did but I enjoy the old Batman Movies. Keeton doesn't have Christian Bales rediculous deep voice as Batman.
  11. Coffee since I have never drank coffee. But if you would of asked caffeine or chocolate I would say chocolate.
  12. Then you have both Beavis & Butthead and Mortal Kombat both which were better versions than the Snes.
  13. Your still missing: The Legend of Zelda: Collectors Edition - Gamecube The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest -Gamecube The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX - Gameboy Color
  14. I don't have a scanner and actually own the 1988 second edition tha talked about blaster master. Thank god you guys are around to scan everything for nintendo power.
  15. I truely hope people keep there mouth shut for the fact that this site is amazing.
  16. As most people that grow up in the early 80s thank you for the the 1988 to 1995 Nintendo Power episodes. It has made it easier to find truely classic Nes, Snes, and N64 games possible.
  17. I love the galaga reference that truely was an awesome and addicting arcade game. Anyways you guys keep the old skool alive and I can't wait for Megaman 9 to come out to bring back the old skool gaming again.
  18. farmdoggg


    Wiki is great but sometimes it has no idea whats going on. Timelines might be off but consult the webmaster of Retromags on that issue.
  19. People that got deleted don't understand the importance of old skool nintendo power action
  20. As a huge nes fan this sight is an amazing find. The Nintendo Powers are legendary. You wait those issues will be huge in the future by value.
  21. The worst game ever has to be super mario brothers 2 because it was such a lie to mario fans. Come on a paint job of doki doki panic.
  22. Unfortunately I was never into RPG's more side scrolling action but I started with a beginner rpg, mario rpg. It was an amazing game.
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