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  1. 1.- The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past

    2.- Illusion Of Gaia

    3.- Super Metroid

    4.- Final Fantasy III (Final Fantasy VI in Japan)

    5.- Chrono Trigger

    6.- Super Mario World

    7.- Star Fox

    8.- Secret Of Mana

    9.- T.M.N.T IV: Turtles In Time

    10.- Demon´s Crest

  2. From any system, mine are:

    1.- Illusion Of Gaia

    2.- Final Fantasy II (Final Fantasy IV in Japan)

    3.- Final Fantasy III (Final Fantasy VI in Japan)

    4.- Secret Of Mana

    5.- Chrono Trigger

    6.- Tales Of Symphonia

    7.- Brain Lord

    8.- Final Fantasy Adventure

    9.- Lufia: The Ruins Of Lore

    10.- Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 1 & 2

    Plus: The Legen Of Zelda... all saga, jeje

  3. This isn´t a RPG pure, but... was my fisrt experience in this type of genre: Zelda 2 The Adventure Of Link, my fisrt RPG pure was Final Fantasy III for SNES (Final Fantasy VI in Japan). Others good games were Secret Of Mana, Illusion Of Gaia, All Zelda , All Final Fantasy for NES, SNES and GB....

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