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  1. Gamefan is such a Sega lover! Me no like it! But later in the dreamcast days, I loved the hell of it, for the same reason
  2. EGM 5! It's kinda unfair putting EGM against the others Next time, put something like this Along with EGM 5, which random magazine would you like scanned?
  3. EGM! EGM! I'm dying for the issues between 4 and 25!
  4. Issue 8! That cover is such a teaser! I would vote for 6 if 5 was already scanned though.
  5. No, it's not just you! Even the Angry Video Game Nerd did a video about how hard it was (and for all the wrong reasons!!) The hardest game ever to me is both Super Ghouls and Ghosts for the SNES and Battletoads for the NES. I still hope to see someone finish those games without cheats. Hell, even with snapshots I had trouble finishing SGG! In the hardest setting you barely have the time to finish the last level (even playing almost perfectly you finish with 10-20 seconds to spare - and that is killing the damn Red Gargoyle as fast as possible, something almost impossible!!)
  6. Congratulations Americans! Obama is going to be a remarkable Commander-in-chief!!! One of the best candidates I've ever seen. Now... WOULD YOU PLEASE DON'T ELECT SARAH PALIN IN 2012?????? Don't become a joke to the world once more! Andre, from Brazil.
  7. How this game was rated by EGM? The Snes version, obviously! It's a masterpiece, best Zelda game, along with Ocarina Of Time (witch was more-or-less like this, in 3D) After that, the games became more complex, and less funny... but still great games! (majora's mask not counting, that game sucked!)
  8. Jaguar... because it was a 64 (SIXTY FOUR!!!!) bit console that couldn't do better looking games than all (ALL) of the 16 bits at that time! And, contrary to most of these, it lasted somewhere around 4 years!
  9. 10. Nothing 9. Nothing 8. F-Zero X 7. Paper Mario 6. DK 64 5. Conker Bad Fur Day 4. Banjo Tooie 3. Banjo Kazooie 2. Super Mario 64 1. Zelda: ocarina of Time The worst is Majora's Mask... ugh... what a downgrade from Ocarina... All in all, one of the worst systems ever made, to me.
  10. 100 in every stage was something I accomplished only with the help of snapshots! It's hard as hell in some stages! You can't use stars on bosses too - unfair!!! But what a great game!
  11. Obama, as usual. Note how he calmly and consistently contradicted every allegation (or should I say accusation?) made by McCain - who looked sometimes kinda rude and agitated. "You're going to raise taxes!!!" - "No, I won't, because of that and that". "You're gonna take Joe's money, you bastard" - "No, I won't, because of that and that". Every single one was like that.
  12. 1) Chrono Trigger 2) Super Mario World 3) The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past 4) Super Metroid 5) Final Fantasy III 6) Super Mario Kart 7) Yoshi's Island 8) Donkey Kong Country 9) Street Fighter II 10) The Legend of the Mystical Ninja damn... I could go on, and on...
  13. Super Nintendo... the system that kicked Genesis butt! Seriously, I thought that as a kid, but reading these old mags nowadays I almost feel sorry for Sega. The reviewers had to be political some times (Taz Mania for Genesis scoring the same 9 as Super Mario World????), but it's quite easy to see the Super Nes owned so much in its time!
  14. Maverick my butt! Palin was almost humiliated, seriously! I've felt sorry for her in some questions like foreign policy! Tina Fey was right!!!
  15. First: I want to donate some money. How do I that? What are the options for payment? Second: I have some issues, mostly some EGMs that you don't seen to have, that I want to donate (difficult, cause I live in Brazil) or scan. Any suggestion or tips for doing that? My scan is my printer, so I'll have to tear apart the issue... but it's ok, since I don't collect them. But could you pass the list of future EGMs you're going to add in the near future to avoid me destroying an issue for nothing? Third: I truly appreciate the philosophy of your project and your hard work. Edit: Fourth: Never mind the first comment - I've already learned that from the FAQ and will be making a donation shortly.
  16. N64 was another failed project to me. The joystick was bad (a first for Nintendo), the cartridge games were limited and the the blurry graphics still give me nightmares of not knowing what's going on right in front of me! It was Nintendo, so it lasted. But it was an Awful, Awful piece of hardware. Even with Zelda 64 and Mario 64 - two of the greatest ever!
  17. Atma Weapon on FFIII He looked so cute before the battle...
  18. Soul Calibur, Shenmue, RE: Code Veronica, Skyes of Arcadia and the perfect Jet Grind Radio
  19. Damn, obviouly the Dreamcast - best console ever - lasted 2 years... Hate the market since then
  20. Sonic 360? Is that Sonic Adventure? That was NOT disapointing at all!!!
  21. hmm... what's to enhance??? (on second thought, they could actually put that missing quest on the cartrige this time!)
  22. hehe, funny stuff! I'd vote Obama if I could.
  23. How can they improve GTA? I don't have a clue! But one thing's for sure: can the f___cking lame and idiots dates already!
  24. Except for the cover (THAT doesn't bring me any good memories!!!), can't wait to play it! With today's technology, they can release one of those every 3 months!!
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