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  1. I couldn't really find a questions thread, and I wasn't sure if I should put this here or in Magazine Talk so just want to apologize now if I've put this in the wrong spot. What I wanted to ask is, if old mags or game guides are found through torrents, is it ok to submit them here after downloading them, or do you have to scan them yourself and them submit them?
  2. Hey, I'm in Southwest Washington too! A couple days ago, the last time I got gas, it was going for about $3.81 a gallon here in Centralia. I'm sure it's dropped just a bit since then though.
  3. Star Trek: TNG, DS9, TOS Dead Like Me Battlestar Galactica Mystery Science Theater 3000 Futurama Metalocalypse Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law Aqua Teen
  4. Incubus Coheed And Cambria Coldplay Dixie Chicks Pink Seven Mary Three Tool Mogwai O.A.R. Oasis Enya Pearl Jam J-Pop/J-Rock Utada Hikaru Koda Kumi RADWIMPS GOING UNDER GROUND Namie Amuro Crystal Kay ELLEGARDEN the pillows Ken Hirai LAST ALLIANCE Mr.Children Fujifabric
  5. Greyhounds, screwdrivers or Columbia Golds.
  6. I think Obama will get it. McCain's been in office for something like 30+ years? and yet he's running on "change". Someone that's been in office that long I don't think can bring any change, especially since he hasn't tried while being in the senate. Obama on the other hand has been there for much less of a time and most likely is open for new opinion and ideas, not afraid to try different things instead of falling back on the old.
  7. Hello! I am horrible at intros, so don't be too disappointed if this isn't all that great. My name's Eric, although I'm usually called Isen (I'll explain some other time maybe), I'm 25, live in the town of Centralia in the state of Washington, attend college and work an average job. I love videogames, but as of the last few years haven't had much time to play. Favorite consoles are probably the SNES, Sega Gensis, Playstation & Playstation2, PSP, the original Gameboy and the much missed Sega Gamegear. At the moment though I have all those consoles mentioned plus an Atari 2600, Wii and Gameboy DS. Love RPGs and action/adventure games. I'm kind of excited I found this place as I was looking for a site that had older game mags and didn't think I'd find any. I also wish I had found it earlier! I had a few hundred old mags laying around that I had no room for anymore and got rid of about 6 months ago, and now that I see this place I regret not looking for it earlier so I could try to put them up on here :'(. (I'm kind of kicking myself for giving them away now!)