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  1. Got this for my GF, she hasn't even played it yet. And I'm too busy with my PS3 to give it a try. She thought it was one we could cooperate together on it, is that true? I'd like to play it (got a pretty good deal on it, and I like to keep her happy). Thanks for any advise or info. d
  2. I've got it coming, even though I don't have the first one. Heard lots of good things about it, I really just wanted the gun for it. I'm such a dork. d
  3. Just got NHL 09 and Force Unleashed, as a package for PS3 for $99. Have to say, I'm really impressed, especially with the hockey one. d
  4. I agree, I'd like to see it built in to the future wii-motes. After all, when the PS3 finally got the rumble, you don't add it, you just get a new controller. The new controllers should have it the same way. If you want to add it to a 'current' controller, even $20 is quite a bit for something that... rightly or wrongly, we figured would have been there in the first place.