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  1. Really enjoyed looking at this magazine. Thanks for this Akane, great scan
  2. Thanks kitsunebi77 for this great scan. Loved looking through this magazine. I can't read the writing unfortunately but it's interesting to see the layout and the screen shots etc. I think a lot of the European and North American game magazines that I read back in the day were heavily influenced by Japanese mags such as this. Thanks again
  3. atik

    GamePro Issue 194 (November 2004)

    Thanks Phillyman and Melki. Going to read this after work today
  4. I really hope Nintendo manufacture way more Snes Mini's than they did Nes Mini's. I live in Ireland and the only Nes Mini's that I've seen are three boxed ones in a store called C.E.X. They're charging 215 euro's each for them and there's no way I'm going to pay that price. Anyway on the day that Nintendo announced the Snes Mini, I went in to my local Game Stop + and handed over 20 Euro's and pre ordered one. I was told that quite a few people had already pre ordered one before I got there so whether I'll get one or not I don't know but here's hoping
  5. There were only two Arcades in my City (Cork City, Ireland) when I was a teenager but both had a good selection of cabinets. I loved playing Out Run although I only had access to the stand up version and not the cool sit down deluxe cabinet. Other games I loved were Gauntlet, Star Wars, Hang-On and Enduro Racer. Even if I didn't have any spare cash to spend I'd often just go in to the Arcade and watch the attract screens of my favourite games as they looked so cool and were so much more impressive than what I was playing at home. There aren't any Arcades (either retro or current) in my area anymore but I've always got MAME
  6. Nice one. Thanks a lot for this Melki
  7. atik

    New Release: GamePro Issue 140 (March 2001)

    Really going to enjoy reading this mag. Thanks a lot for this Melki!
  8. atik

    Actor Robin Williams Dead at 63

    Just heard about this and its really sad. My heart goes out to his family and friends. I used to love watching him in "Mork and Mindy" as a kid and really liked a lot of his performances in many of his movies, particularly "Insomnia" and "One Hour Photo". A great stand up comedian and actor, he will be missed.
  9. atik

    An Open Letter to Ellie and Joel

    I've been meaning to play "The Last of Us" for some time but It kind of went off my radar for a while. After reading your blog however I'm definitely going to check it out. It still hasn't dropped enough in price for me yet though, a second hand copy is around 35 euro's here in Ireland. Great blog
  10. Thanks a lot for these scans. I'm going to be playing Resident Evil 2 soon and I hope to buy Resident Evil 3 sometime in the future so these guide's are going to be a great help. Thanks again
  11. atik

    Retromags Contest Week 1 Winner - Areala!

    Congratulations Areala, well deserved
  12. atik

    Vote on Phillyman's Next Scan (11-4-2013)

    Although I am a big fan of Lara Croft and her pointy charms, I'd like to see Next Generation scanned next please
  13. atik

    Nintendo Official Magazine (UK) Issue 79

    Nice one ShockSim, can't wait to read this.
  14. atik

    Game Trailers

    Watching these trailers has put me in the Halloween spirit, I'll have to get around to choosing a suitably chilling game to play over Halloween. That Dragon Age: Origins trailer is truly epic, must check it out sometime Really like the Dead Island trailer too, it's clever and the music is really beautiful
  15. atik

    ShockSim's Work in Progress

    This looks interesting ShockSim, I'm looking forward to reading it.