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  1. I know a majority of people would ask "Why?", but my favorite N64 game is Mortal Kombat Trilogy. Sound left something to be desired, but the graphics were outstanding at the time and the controls were spot-on. Great game.
  2. Castlevania II: Simon's Quest would be a awesome remake IMO. Not a 3D remake, just 2D with enhanced graphics.
  3. I got the buyers guide back in December I think. Nothing since then. Its frustrating.
  4. Who watches football and what is your favorite team. Or how about your least favorite team. Maybe even why you hate football. Anything goes. I've been watching football since I can remember. I played football in junior high. Favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys......yeah I'm pissed off too. Second favorite team is the NY Jets. I hate the Steelers and the Patriots.
  5. I went ahead and updated my Wii, and guess what? No problems so far. Hope it stays that way.
  6. I never liked the look of the original PS3. Too glossy for my taste. I much prefer the look of the slim.
  7. I finally took the dive........ ......and went and bought a PS3 Slim.
  8. I still regret the stupid decision to NOT buy the Dreamcast back then. I was too "stuck" on Nintendo to see the wisdom in the swirl. It would have been fun........
  9. The other day I was in GameStop, and I saw the Xbox version of this game for $59.99 What's up with that?
  10. I just bought SimCity 2000. I had it on the PS1 back in the day, but it somehow disappeared on me.
  11. I just got my PS3 slim last week, and so far I'm pleased with it. It is much nicer than the original 'turd' that has been out for awhile now. The console is still a bit large in my opinion, but it's not a major problem. The system is quiet while in use for both blu-ray movies and game playing. The dashboard resembles the PSP's dashboard; it's nice and easy to use. The movies and games boot quickly. The one major gripe that I do have is with the controller. The dualshock 1 & 2 controllers were both very excellent controllers. Responsive and smooth. But the dualshock 3 feels very light and cheap to me. I thought all three were cast from the same mold? Also the sticks seem to be very loose and 'twitchy'. I do like the R2 and L2 buttons now being the trigger-type. That was a nice touch. So far I'm happy with my purchase. I'm glad I waited for the slim. How do the rest of the slim buyers out there feel?
  12. Check out this story from 1up.com: Castlevania Rebirth Seems like it's gonna happen. This will be very nice for long time Castlevania fans such as myself.
  13. I love the Xbox360 controller. Haven't had any problems out of it. D-pad works fine for me, but I admit it took some getting used to because it sits up so high out of the controller Don't know of any good 3rd party controllers for the 360 though.
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