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  1. Thank you. Also gonna send triverse some mags for scanning.
  2. Thanks for upping PSExtreme, unfortunately I cannot DL from site. I want to help but no scanner. I'd be willing to send some to whomever is willing to scan them. I have tons of mags I've recollected over the years. But if I mailed out mags I would like to DL copy of them after upped. Anybody interested?
  3. I'm all for the Gamefan mags. Another favorite in ps1 days. On the psextremes, the only hard copy I have in your list is the feb 2000 Tomba 2 cover, so you can up any of your choice. Thanks for your effort on this.
  4. invaliduserid


    awesome. thank you much. dont get me wrong, I enjoy gamefan as well.
  5. all these guides originated from undergroundgamer in their prima guides project. Nothing new here. Now you can find on any torrent site.
  6. invaliduserid


    Anyone have these? It was better in the ps1 days. Once it went to pse2 they were the size of a road atlas book. Ridiculous. I have all the pse2's but looking for PSXtreme for the ps1 days of mags publications. I had all of them but moved in 2001 and when i went back to old house to clean garage i had boxes of game mags and put them on the curb. You name it i had it. Still kicking myself today. Ive slowly built up again but is not cheap.
  7. Tampa Florida. Rays suck....actually baseball does in general.