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  1. Chrono Trigger had fantastic music, even now I enjoy it.
  2. Super Mario RPG, most folks didnt know much about it but its a fantastic game.
  3. Guitar hero rock the 80s in the recent and in the retro it would be Spider-Man/X-Men: Arcade's Revenge
  4. Never scared by a retro console game, until silent hill came about. That game freaked me out.
  5. Sector Z! That game was absolutely ridiculous.
  6. For anyone interested, if you have a Dreamcast, phone line, and a few other things, you can actually still play phantasy star online with it, old school style. I did it for a while and then remembered that phantasy star is boring.
  7. SNES hands down. Mario RPG, Metal Warriors, Final Fantasy II, Secret of Mana and Gaia are just a few reasons why.
  8. Windexing the end of a Q-tip and swabbing your cartridge was/is my most successful trick. Of course before I figured that one out, many a cartridge was thoroughly blown.
  9. Final Fantasy on the NES. The amount of random encounters you face everywhere made it extremely difficult and tedious to progress.
  10. Super Mario World for SNES. The save feature made it a much more manageable task.
  11. Contra for the PS2. It was an insult to the entire glory of the contra series
  12. Final Fantasy for the NES. I didn't own it, but I played it at a friends. Had no idea what the hell I was doing at the time! Now, I own it for my NES and thoroughly enjoy it.
  13. It had to be the 32x. I bought one recently for $8.50 and it isn't awful, but when it came out it was over $150, preposterous for an add on!
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