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  1. Restricting Abuse of the Download Manager

    tcaud, so if google and archive aren't going to be hosting archived material like these magazines for free - then Phillyman's option of paying to support hosting and storage is a valid option. Just because it's on the internet doesn't mean it's free. So many people seem to either not grasp this fact or choose to ignore it. All content, even if not original needs a lot of work to be presented in an internet friendly fashion.
  2. Computer Gamer Magazine?

    Hi KiwiArcader, I appreciate the effort you've gone to scanning these old UK 8 bit magazines, so thank you very much! I think the majority of people on here are Americans in their mid-late twenties and they 'missed' the 8 bit computer revolution and came in on the Nintendo and Atari console wave. Me, I'm an old fart who's nearly 40 and grew up with the UK computer magazines and dreams of owning a ZX Spectrum etc. If you're spending the time cleaning up the scans from the World of Spectrum FTP site then you may like to contact the original scanner and see if he's also interested in your scans / work on cleaning them up. His name is Mort and his website is: Cheers and thanks for the effort and scans! Gizmomelb
  3. Instead Of Buying Real Magazines,

    Actually, he didn't. He said it was difficult to amass a full collection of 20 year old magazines and I took that to meaning real physical magazines (which could then be scanned and shared/sold for your time and effort). BTW: you cannot quickly download a full magazine set from WoS, as the FTP server has very definate limits to the amount and size of files you can download in a set time period. Again you're wrong. It was the magazine's owner and publisher asked him to remove the DVDs from sale after someone on a Nintendo forum announced they were available. It's nice to know that you give your permission for him to spread them and RG to host them - maybe Future Publishing will then hit RG with a cease and desist or maybe just sue them for hosting/spearing copyright material (which they still protect, hence the reason it was originally withdrawn from the market/internet), hell maybe Nintendo's rabid pack of lawyers will jump in as well for showing unauthorised images of Nintendo characters or some such rubbish. Never mind about anybody else's responsibilities and you've got your copy, so it's alright hey?
  4. Newsgroup Posting

    where can we find the gamepro and PSM mags please?
  5. Total! Nintendo Magazine (uk Version)

    ..broken record.. just buy the sodding things yourself already.
  6. Ftp Info For Submitting Work

    is there a FAQ dealing with recommended scanning resolution, DPI and/or software please?